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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-07 10:00:00

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Just got done watching this week's NXT and can't figure this out. We know Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel can speak English. They've done promos in English before on NXT. Why are they being subtitled now? I am guilty since 2.0 started of fast forwarding at times so I'm kind of hoping I just missed something and it's just not a Vince thing.

Even if they tried to explain it, it's ridiculously insulting to the viewers that have watched for years now.  We know they can speak English.  The show aired in America.  No need for subtitles.

Is it even debatable at this point that Adam Cole made the right choice by going to AEW instead of staying with WWE? How could him staying with WWE even seem like a plausible idea in hindsight after two other NXT champions in the past calendar year have been released (three if you count Samoa Joe before his return), including the supposed main roster Bearcat he was going to manage has been released as well.

Hell I said before he announced his decision that the only good move to make was to leave WWE.  If Triple H were still booking a good NXT product, it would have been a decision.  Once the "Creative" team took over, the only move to make was to get off of the Titanic.

I know Vince is Vince and he does Vince things with his Vince mind.  But how much more money is he making by firing his own talent, than if he kept them and got those performers over??

He believes the star of WWE is the brand.  He thinks the people who sacrifice their bodies are interchangeable.  So far, it has worked for him financially so I don't see him changing how he does things.

How does firing your talent – the lifeblood of his entire product – supposed to make more money than keeping the people that draw the money? It’s like saying firing Mike Johnson would make PWinsider more money because he won’t be on the payroll anymore!

Well, to be fair, Vince didn't fire anyone that means as much to his business as Mike Johnson means to this site.  If he fired Roman Reigns then it would be spot on. But I totally get your point here.  It's insane.  He fires Kross, who he booked badly and never paired with Scarlett, who adds so much to the act.  Then he fires Scarlett, who never even got a shot.  It's insane, it really is.

So where does HHH go now since he’s married to the boss’s daughter? Does he go buy ROH MLW or NWA to create his own brand?

I think he stays where he is.  There are few people on this planet who knows as much about Vince McMahon, or the WWE product, than he does.  Vince won't live forever, or maybe he sells the company.  The smart move for HHH is to wait things out and he is one of the smartest guys in the business.

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