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By Mike Johnson on 2021-11-04 10:00:00

When Chris Bey joined Bullet Club in Impact, did the promotion need permission from NJPW to book the angle?

The two promotions were working together, so it's doubtful Impact would have done the angle without New Japan's input.

Has the Universal championship eclipsed the WWE title the same way WCW's overtook the NWA's in the early 90s?

No.  These are two entirely different scenarios.  The Universal title is presented as more important because of who carries it.  If Roman was the WWE Champion, there would be a reversal in how the belts were presented.  The NWA belt became minor to the WCW belt because WCW was the only NWA member to have television and when they decided to stop pushing the NWA belt and initials, what else could happen?

It seems like the 2300 Arena, the former ECW Arena is now a state of the art, attractive arena to use for wrestling and MMA events. What kind of changes were made over the years to make it so TV friendly and why wasn't it like that during the heyday of ECW?

Let's go backwards first.  It wasn't like that during the heyday of ECW because the venue wasn't trying to be an Arena.  It was a warehouse that was being used as a Bingo Hall and as a place where parade floats were made for the Mummer's Day Parade in Philly.  It wasn't until management changed and a legitimate attempt to transition the building to an actual destination venue happened that upgrades took place.  When ECW ran there, that was the only event that was taking place in the venue.

As far as what changes have taken place, the original disgusting bathrooms are long gone as are the old stages as the venue was literally ripped down to the nuts and bolts.  There's an actual lighting rig in there now as well as a permanent production stage and crew that works the shows.  They've also expanded into the building next door to allow more space for locker rooms, a full scale bar, merchandise area, etc.  These are things that happened over years, not within a short period of time.

Do you have any idea if this new incarnation of NXT will continue to do Takeovers or any kinds of special events?

We have not heard yet of anything scheduled.

Whatever happened to the Haiti Kid?  I remember there was talk he was going to make a convention appearance and then nothing.

The pandemic happened.  I believe he lives in NYC area.

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