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By Dave Scherer on 2021-11-03 09:59:00

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After what WWE has done to NXT, if you were Paul Levesque, would you be in any hurry to return to work after your heart procedure given what is going on in WWE right now?

I can’t say for sure that he isn’t already working in some capacity but I get your point.  I would be in no hurry to return to that company right now, especially after what they did to my baby, NXT.  Then again, a lot of people in the company are less than happy with the direction of WWE right now.  It’s a shame when a business built on being fun is anything but that.

Had Batista changed his mind about leaving the WWE in 2010, would he have not lost to John Cena in three straight pay-per-views?

I think that is fair to assume.

Not to take away from may or may not have happened to Heidi Doyle and what she said about Ric Flair in the Dark Side of the Ring episode, what are your takes on it?  Ric's escapades are more or less well known and I am sure he would be the first to admit to them be it good or bad but again, not to say anyone is telling the truth more than the other person, is it a case of there is your side, my side and somewhere in between is the truth?

Pulling your pants down an exposing you penis to strangers is a felony pretty much everywhere.  My take is that he committed a felony and was 100 percent in the wrong to ever show the world his junk.  I don't think any other take is justifiable.  Saying “that’s just Ric being Ric” is a really screwed up attempt to justify and enable bad behavior.

I know the WWE makes a big deal about the draft but what does it really mean? They mention on SDown that Brock may get drafted to RAW. Who cares? He was drafted to SDown a couple years ago and went to Raw because he wanted to. Now he comes back to SDown. Why? Because he wanted to. Becky was a RAW talent and just comes back on SDown. For me, the draft has lost it value and really means next to nothing to me.

It's no different than Money In The Bank now.  It's a trope that they do, nothing more.  It means nothing to me.  The "fresh matchups" should be done by good booking but they just can't accomplish that right now.

You were recently asked if AEW missed the window to have Kenny Omega drop the title to Hangman.  What do you think about a scenario where Omega withstands challenges from Punk and Danielson, then a returning Page (with proper build and maybe a new attitude) dethrones him?  That could be huge for Page!

Sure, that would be huge for Page.  It would have been huge if he won before as well.  Could it work?  Sure, if booked properly.  It’s almost like he has to win now.  He has been the top of the mountain before and failed.

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