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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-31 10:00:00

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Is Herb Abrams really dead or is he still out there somewhere?

He passed away 25 years ago but his legacy will live on forever.

Should WWE introduce introduce a secondary tittle for Women. It just seems that if you're NOT feuding with Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte or Becky, you're thrown in a random tag team, get a 2 minute match or just not on TV. Would a secondary belt add a bit of meaning to a lower division.

I don't think it is the answer.  If there is a secondary belt, it will be booked as a secondary belt.  I don't see that helping anyone.

Has the so called Women's Evolution now ended. I ask because (as above) there's the four horsewomen and who they're feuding with, which is normally one of the other horsewoman and that's it, there's nothing of any meaning for any one else. They haven't exactly developed a new star in years or even if they do, there normally squashed and forgotten about once they meet a horsewoman.

I think it's fair to say it has but it's also fair to say that it would have to.  There was only a revolution because the women weren't treated on the same level as the men.  Now?  Well they are both booked just as badly so things are equal.

Lastly are the Four HorseWoman now holding back the division. As I say above there seems to ceiling for all other wrestlers, that once they meet one of Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte or Becky they're careers starts to slide. Just look at Rhea, Asuka, Alexa, even Bianca is on a slippery slope now.

I think it's the booking that's holding things back more than anything else.

The Becky-Charlotte incident, who do you see as being at fault?

Honestly, Charlotte.  I won't even get into whether she was right or wrong to be mad at the booking.  To me, she was wrong for involving Becky in all of it.  Once she did that, she made Becky part of her uprising against management and that makes her the heel to me.

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