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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-25 10:00:00

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Renee Paquette recently recounted a story on the Ariel Helwani Podcast about her commentating days in WWE, with Vince McMahon being excessively rude and demeaning to her over the headset.  She described this particular incident as one of the catalysts for her leaving WWE.  We've heard similar horror stories from Mick Foley and others as well.  We've also heard reports of Vince tearing up television scripts and rewriting them the day of, sometimes hours before the show.  So my question is, what's the hardest job in pro wrestling, commentating for WWE or being on the creative team for WWE?

I would go with creative because they spend more time in the cross hairs of Vince.

What ever happened to former UFC champ Cain Velasquez, who ended up only having a cup of coffee in WWE?  Was he only signed for a short-term deal, or did they just not want to use him?  We never saw a fraction of what he was capable of doing in the ring in WWE.

They released him last year when they did COVID 19 budget cut releases.  He will be working for AAA in Mexico soon.

I was wondering if you saw potential in Junior Dos Santos in pro wrestling if he was to put in the work? I really think there is something there and was curious as to your opinion?

Absolutely.  He's a world class athlete and if he devoted himself to pro wrestling, I think he could be great.

I don’t understand AEW’s booking sometime. Ruby wins the battle royal, gets a title shot instantly and then loses. Now she fades into the background feuding with…The Bunny? Why have her win the battle royal if she’s going to lose her first title match?  It makes no sense.

To me it does.  Ruby comes in and shows she can win the Battle Royal and give the champ a fight, but not win.  Then she moves to making her reputation in AEW.  That makes a lot more sense than bringing in someone who was in the midcard of WWE and then released and making her one of your top talents right off of the bat.

Any word on what’s happening with Elias? Is he being “repackaged”? Thought they could do a lot more with the “musician” character. For me, he has the “tools”/ability to be higher on the card.

All I can say is "WWE Creative".

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