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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-24 10:00:00

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If you’re Tony Khan, do you make a hardline order to the talent that NOBODY can say the word s*** except Hangman Page?

No, I don't.  I don't see it as a big deal.

I’m not a fan of what WWE does all the time but there are moments they use veterans to lift up younger talent. Why are they not doing this with Goldberg? Drew and Bobby are established. Others have been used far better in this capacity. For example, what if Goldberg did a open challenge and out came Braun Breaker Steiner? Steiner hits a couple power moves...123.

I respect Goldberg.  Him working at his age deserves respect.  In the story with Lashley, it made sense he would get revenge due to his son being involved.  But as I often say, they didn’t have to book it so Goldberg should get revenge.  I am with you, putting part timers over full timers is just stupid, and it’s the reason that Vince McMahon has to go back to the old talents every year for big shows.  Instead of creating new big stars, he relies on the old ones.  With that said, Goldberg is an asset that, if used properly, adds to WWE’s value.  I wouldn’t have him job out to a young talent.

Do you think Virgil should be inducted into the Hall of Fame? He was a huge part of the success of Ted Dibiase and that whole time period.

I don’t think he should, but I wouldn’t care if they did induct him.  The WWE Hall is basically whoever the company feels like putting into it.

Do you think we will ever see WrestleMania in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia? I'm wondering if we see it on the last year of the contract?

I sure hope not.  For one, I hate that they run in Saudi but more importantly the time difference would make WrestleMania hard to watch in the States, especially on the West Coast.  It would be way too early.

I heard Vince Russo complaining that he was canceled, his money was taken from him and his rights to free speech were taking away from him because of his religious beliefs.  Does he really not understand that the First Amendment gives him the right to say what he wants but it doesn't protect him from consequences that arise from the things he says?

Wow, Vince Russo, haven’t heard of that guy in a while (and the silence was nice).  To answer your question, yes Vince indeed doesn’t understand that.  He thinks he should be able to say whatever he wants AND not have to suffer any consequences for what he says.  It's not just him though.  A lot of people have no idea what the First Amendment means.  They are so selfish and self absorbed that they believe it means that a person can say whatever they want, without repercussions.  It's sad how ignorant so many Americans are, our school systems have really failed us in many cases, like with Vince.  For those who aren't aware, yes you can say what you want to say but people can also react however they see fit to what comes out of your mouth.  That's the actual way it works.  It's not "canceling", it's people saying that they don't want to associate with you Vince because you made extreme statements and people don’t want to be associated with someone that is, at best, so closed minded.  You have every right to throw stones at people whose beliefs you disagree with and decent people have every right to not want to associate with you because of what you said.  That’s how it works.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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