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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-20 10:00:00

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So I read the Q and A about Punk coming back and pacing himself, not going 100 miles an hour and something Jim Cornette said got me wondering about the other side of it, that he’s not pacing himself enough, or Tony Khan isn’t pacing him enough.  There’s an idea that Punk wrestling competitive 15 minute matches with mid carders regularly is going to eat away at his drawing power and his aura.  Your thoughts on that?

I think there is merit in the statement. Punk is a star and if I am booking him, I go in that direction with him. I think it's admirable that he wants to work with everyone and help younger talents. I think there is plenty of time to do that down the line. From here on, I would book him more like Khan booked Jericho when AEW started.

In your opinion, who is a bigger star, CM Punk or Roman Reigns?

I always go with who is the top star for the bigger company so at this moment, it's Reigns. I love all of the progress that AEW has made but right now, WWE is still the top dog.

With all the comments Roman Reigns has said about CM Punk since his return, especially recently, do you sense a hint of jealousy from Roman?

No, not at all. Reigns is one of the few people in WWE that largely gets to set his own course. He has nothing to be jealous of where Punk is concerned.  To me, his comments come across as him saying what Vince McMahon wants to hear, kind of like when John Cena was spouting off about The Rock's path to Hollywood before eventually doing the same thing himself.

Instead of Hell in a Cell, Rollins and Edge should compete in a Saudi Embassy Basement Match. Winner leaves in one piece, loser leaves in several. Too on the nose for that country?

That sounds pretty dead on, pun not intended, to me.

If you were a WWE wrestler, would you agree to go to Saudi Arabia?

Honestly? No, I wouldn't. I would never even step foot in the country. Their repression of their people is something that goes against everything I believe in so I wouldn't be a party to any show held there. I realize that the show is also for the people, many of whom don't share the regime's views, but that would not be enough to get me to go there.

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