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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-19 10:00:00

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I remember when CM Punk was rumoured to be signing with AEW and my friend (a huge AEW fan) was thrilled. My initial reaction to him was if CM Punk is used just to wrestle each week, then the expected lift to the company won't last long. Here we are and all Tony Khan has done with Punk is cut a few promos with 0 direction and had him wrestle matches on TV with little or no reason. My question to you is if this is how he continues to use Punk (who in my opinion is always at his best in a real storyline / feud) this way, opposed to sinking his teeth into a proper storyline, is he at risk of losing the casual fan who tuned in initially to see Punk?

I think people need to be patient.  It's only been a few months and Punk is still working his way back into shape.  I actually like that he didn't come in and go right for Kenny Omega.  He is waiting in the weeds so to speak.  Plus I love the story he is telling of “coming back from a layoff”.  If he came in and went 100 miles an hour that makes him a performer, not a wrestler.

Now that we are back to full crowds, is your desire to attend a wrestling show tempered at all by the fact that roughly half of the people in the venue would be unvaccinated against COVID, and that there is clearly little to no mask-wearing at these shows?

Me personally?  Absolutely and it's not just wrestling, I am still not ready to be that close to people I don't know.  I am a borderline germaphobe in the first place and now I am even more careful.  Plus, I am not a big fan of people invading my personal space so I won't be attending any events any time soon.

I never understood where the NWA World’s TV Championship fell in the title hierarchy or quite what it’s purpose was. Was it just a tertiary title for young wrestlers to get them over or just something for undercard acts to fight over - akin to the European Championship? Or, was it just a title to be defended on TV to hold interest for the syndicated shows, while the World Heavyweight Title gets fans to attend live events to see main event rivalries resolved?

It was the latter.  Back in the day, the World Title hardly ever got defended on TV so they created the TV Title so that they would have a lesser belt to be defended on the shows.

I've never understood the Lockjaw. Why wouldn't the opponent simply bite the fingers of the wrestler applying the hold?

I guess that if in theory you get the hand back far enough, it would be hard to do.  I guess it also could be that when you stick fingers deep in a mouth, it creates a vomiting effect and that would cause the mouth to open.  But at the end of the day, we can question how legitimate a lot of moves in wrestling are if we don't suspend disbelief.

I watched the Moxley vs Gage death match and I was why Tony khan would allow any of his contracted talent to participate in a death match that’s not on AEW? I feel like it’s one thing to let the talent wrestle on the indie circuit but I feel that you’re asking for injuries to happen and talent to miss time in death matches?

He is a hardcore wrestling fan and has been one for decades so I guess he wanted to deliver that kind of match for his fans.  I am with you, I would never allow my talent to do it either, but some people like that style.

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