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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-17 10:00:00

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A couple of short questions, I hope you'll answer. Thanks. WWE announces that Smackdown will have an extra 30 mins, commercial free. Since then, as I'm sure you've seen (and reported on), Tony Khan has had what can only be described as a meltdown. Mission complete by WWE?

I have had a bit of a rough week so if Khan melted down, I missed it.  I think it’s pretty clear WWE did the extra half hour to try and hurt Rampage so if I see it that way, I am sure Khan did too.

Regardless of ratings, how wise were Khan's comments throughout the week.

I have always been of the opinion that it’s not wise to comment on the competition if you want to be seen as competition.  When ECW did it back in the day, they were clearly well below WCW and the WWF.  When those two companies did it to each other, I thought it came off as petty.  I think AEW should publicly ignore WWE, but I know a lot of people love to see the shooting.

Has Tony Khan suddenly become the 2021 version of Herb Abrams?

God no.  Do you even know who Abrams was?  He was a failure.  Tony Khan has already made AEW a success.

I have read a ton of comments from AEW fans this week regarding Khan and that he needs to shut up, how much damage do you think he has done.

I don’t think they really do “damage”.  His partners will keep working with him because he delivers for them and most fans won’t be affected by what he says.  Personally, I wouldn’t be shooting on WWE if I were him because I just don’t see it as being necessary or productive.

Khan said, Ted Turner was smarter but he (Khan) would succeed because he was a wrestling fan, does he not realise Turner had some of the best and innovative brains in the history of professional wrestling working for him and was still put out of business.

WCW was shut down more than being put out of business. And the WCW product at the end was a far cry from what it was at its height.

A couple of weeks ago I sent in a question about Khan poking the bear so to speak. It looks like WWE gave him a little nibble back, would he now be wise to stop and get on with his own business.

That is my own personal take, he should just do his thing and be proud of what he does.  Look at Vince McMahon, unless asked he doesn’t mention AEW, but he knows they are there.  If I were Khan, that is how I would approach it.

Lastly if you where a casual fan and you saw WWEs biggest star (Roman Reigns) on one channel and AEW biggest star (CM Punk) on another, which one would you continue watching.

If I were a casual fan?  I would be watching Punk because being casual means I don’t care all that much about today’s product and I probably did care about it when Punk was on top in WWE, so I would want to see what he was doing now.

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