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By Anthony Pires on 2021-10-13 17:48:00

We are BACK at the Chase Ballroom for NWA POWERRR. Joe Galli, Velvet Sky and NWA World’s Champion Trevor Murdoch are on the call to start us off.

Tag Team Eliminator Semi Final: Sal Rinauro and Mims vs. Luke and PJ Hawx

Luke and Mims lock up to start, Mims pushes him back into the corner.  Side headlock by Mims. Joe Galli says that, at the conclusion of this match, Pope will address Trevor Murdoch.  Go behind by Mims, Luke with a arm twist, Mims shoves him away. Lockup, side headlock by Mims. Mims with a shoulderblock into bearhug.  Luke breaks it and hits a flying shouldertackle.  PJ tags in and misses a leg lariat.  Sal tags in.  Standing switch by the 2, snap mare into a rear chinlock by PJ, he transitions it into a armbar.  Sal escapes and scores an amateur takedown.  Armdrag by Sal.  They trade 2 count rollups.  Danny Deals with the distraction for Sal.  Luke shouts instructions and PJ looks a little disturbed.  PJ and Sal tie up and Deals comes back to the apron.  PJ with a rollup for 2.  Luke tags in and hits a backbreaker on sal into a powerslam for 2.  PJ tags in and the Hawx’ hit a backbreaker.  Deals gets ejected after going to the apron a 3rd time.  Sal with a bodyslam to PJ and tags Mims. Dropkick by PJ.  Mims blocks the tag and applies a bearhug.  PJ gets slammed into the corner and Mims with a series of shouldertackles.  Sal tags in and hits an assisted legdrop.  Cravate by Sal.  Sal tries a springboard stunner but PJ hits a back suplex.  Uppercut by Sal.  PJ nails a leg lariat and wrestles Sal down into the Hawx Clutch.  Sal taps out.

WINNERS:  PJ and Luke Hawx

Kyle Davis is with the Pope earlier today.  Pope has respect for Trevor Murdoch.  Pope will be cashing in eventually on his champions series title shot on him. He promises it won’t be a sneak attack.

Back from commercial, Kyle is with Chelsea Green, Kylee Rae and Melina.  The Hot Mess believes she should be the World Champion. She demands the fans cheer for her.  She’s coming unglued rapidly.  Melina is also going after Kamille, especially after the sneak attack.  Kylee has once beaten Kamille, she wants her shot as well.  Chelsea does not agree. 

NWA TV Title: Tyrus w/ Austin Idol vs. Jordan Clearwater w/Black Jeez

This would be Tyrus’ 2nd defense in the Lucky 7 series.  As a reminder, this match has a 6:05 time limit.  The bell has rung and the seconds are still in the ring, the clock is ticking and everyone is stalling.  Clearly, team Idol is trying to run out the clock and give Tyrus an easy defense.  Out of nowhere a trio of kicks by Clearwater.  Running dropkick by the challenger. Figure 4 by Clearwater, Tyrus makes the ropes. Tyrus with a forearm and a heart punch for the pin.


May Valentine is with Tyrus, who makes Jeez carry Clearwater back.  May thinks the match was weird.  Tyrus has a warning for Cyon the Masked Man.  December 4th they’ll have a match at Hard Times 2.  Tyrus mockingly congratulates Murdoch, who he calls his cousin (I did not know that)

Back from commercial, Kyle Davis is with Mickie James.  There will be a Empowerrr version of Powerrr in the coming weeks.  The Empowerrr PPV, in my opinion, overshadowed NWA 73 so that should be good.  Kamille will be in action at Empowerrr Powerrr.  Kiera Hogan comes out.  She’s not happy and apologizes for coming at James last week.  James accepts the apology. Hogan says James is her idol. Hogan says that James hurt her feelings previously.  She wants to know why she’s not on Empowerrr Powerrr yet. James says the show hasn’t been finalized. James swears she was going to be booked.  Hogan wants a match with Mickie.  Hogan is the real deal.  She wants to know if James thinks she’s unworthy.  James tells her that this is neither the time nor place.  Hogan asks is Mickie is scared of her.  Mickie is disappointed in her and demands they talk back stage

Back from break, Kyle Davis is back with Thom Lattimer and Kamille.  We see footage from what happened last week when Lattimer piledrove Nick Aldis on a chair.  Lattimer seems contrite but states that what happened had to happen.  He goes over their history together and how he’s always been in Aldis shadow.  Kamille is egging him on. Thom believes he’s been used by Aldis.  He says Aldis is weak and pathetic.  He invokes Aldis’ son.

As they walk away, James Storm appears.  He wants the NWA National Title back

NWA Tag Team Title Eliminator Semi final: Odinson and Parrow vs. JR Kratos and Aron Stevens

Stevens look trepidatious.  The End attack at the outset and nail a double shoulder block to Stevens.  Parrow beats him down and hits a splash.  Tag to Odinson, he hits an uppercut and a splash for 2.  Stevens gets choked out on the rope.  Odinson kicks away.  Parrow tags in and hits shoulder blocks in the corner and whips him into the other. Parrow misses an avalanche and Kratos tags in.  They exchange forearms.  Kratos with a clothesline, PArrow responds in kind.  Powerslam by Kratos for 2.  Jawbreaker by PArrow, he hits Stevens and Odinson with a kick to Kratos.  Stevens gets knocked off the apron.  PArrow fires away at Kratos, Kratos comes back but a big boot by Parrow.  Odinson tags in and they hit the fireman carry assist on Kratos for 2.  Kratos with a punch but an enziguiri by Odinson.  Punch by Kratos, Stevens wants the tag.  Stevens tags in but immediately gets rolled up for the pin.

WINNERS: The End Odinson and Parrow

Stevens slumps in the corner.  Kratos glares at him as we go to credits.

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