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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-13 10:45:00

Dave Bautista spoke with Men's Health in advance of his latest film Dune opening on 10/22.  On exiting professional wrestling, Bautista commented, "I’m not trying to separate myself from professional wrestling because I’m embarrassed or anything like that.  It’s just, I needed to make a name for myself and start all over and kind of just get people to see me in a different light. Because if people always see me as a pro wrestler turned actor, then they’re going to put me in a box for roles.”

Our friends at Headlocked Comics officially launched their latest Kickstarter campaign last night and have already raised over $9,000 towards their $14,500 goal.  Tales From The Road Volume 2 will feature by AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, Thunder Rosa, Matt Cardona & Brian Myers, Pentagon, Danhausen and more.  There will be bonus rewards and discounted tiers for early backers, so get in early.  For more, click here.


T-Mart Promotions has already announced several extremely rare appearances for next July's The Gathering III - Kim Duk aka former WWF star Tiger Chung Lee, who will be making his first ever convention appearance, as well as The Tonga Kid and Dutch Mantel.  Previously announced are Jacques Rougeau and Eddie Sharkey.  To the best of my knowledge, this is Sharkey's first ever convention appearance as well.  For more, click here.

St. Louis Public Radio takes a look at the new Wrestling at the Chase book.

Vice TV released the following behind the scenes video of their Johnny K-9 documentary:


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