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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-13 10:03:00

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Something I’ve felt needs to evolve in professional wrestling is for quite some time is traditional heel vs face booking.  I’m not saying it should go away, it definitely should not, but at times it causes blatant logic issues.  A prime example right now would be Jade Cargill in AEW.  She’s the #1 ranked contender, but instead of going after Britt Baker and the AEW Women’s title, she’s wants the TBS title?  This is obviously happening because both Jade and Britt are heels.  Would you like to see changes to the heel vs face formula?

I think you are looking at it the wrong way.  As number one contender, she can take on Britt any time.  They could make the case that it’s more prestigious to be the first TBS champ.  Plus, AEW has no problem booking heel vs. heel.  They have done it a lot.

Is there any reason why ECW November to Remember 1993 isn’t on the network?

Paul Heyman didn't own that footage so he couldn't sell it to WWE.

Is it me but does Dante Martin look exactly like John Cena?

It's you.  Now Darren Young?  He looks like he could be John Cena's brother.

How soon until Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles is booked for an entire episode of RAW? All three hours.

Don't give Vince any ideas.

Here's my question -- with the influx of new, ex WWE wrestlers into AEW; and getting pushed right to the top;  how does their home grown talent feel about this? Even talent that wasn't home grown, but has been with AEW for awhile (ie Brian Cage; Lance Archer; etc.) must be getting frustrated as their spots drop. I imagine that some of this talent; especially the large guys that WWE usually loves; might be looking to jump to WWE at some point.

I can honestly tell you that I hear pretty much no complaining from AEW.  I can’t say that every talent is happy but the vast majority are.  I haven’t heard anyone complain that a CM Punk or Bryan Danielson are getting pushed.  They are top guys.  And keep in mind that guys like Cage and Archer were available for years and WWE never brought them in.  They know that.

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