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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-12 10:00:00

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What do you think when Vince books an over act (Ex: New Day) vs. an act that is "not quite there" in terms of fan support (Ex: The Viking Raiders) - and has the Viking Raiders control the WHOLE match - only to lose with one flash finisher out of nowhere? I HATE this style of booking, as I don't believe it helps either party. First, the Viking Raiders look totally weak to lose after one move, in spite of literally dominating the whole match. Second, the New Day looked like chumps for being dominated by a team that has not achieved their level of success. As such, their win looked like a fluke. Would you agree a more effective way of booking was the recent Sting/Darby Allen vs. FTR match? There were exciting back-and-forth exchanges of near falls and fake finishes that built up to a believable climax. I think both teams looked good. Even FTR losing to a legend like Sting - was done in a believable manner that protected FTR. That worked for me. What say you on the matter?

If I am being honest there isn't a whole lot that is good right now in the way that Vince books.  Raw, Smackdown and now NXT are all subject to that.  It's a shame.  And it’s not like no one in the company knows how to book.  NXT UK is consistently fantastic, as was NXT proper before it was placed on USA.  It’s just how Vince does things that messes up the product.

Do you think it’s time wrestling fans started showing a lot more respect for Vince McMahon. I ask this because on various fans forums and even in your own QnA there is always questions about, "When is Vince going to retire" "Can Vince be removed" etc. Let's face it without Vince, there wouldn't be a wrestling industry or at least nowhere near the scale of todays wrestling. Shouldn't fans be a bit more respectful instead of wanting him to leave or in some cases illness or death. Yes I understand he's near 80 and can't relate to a 20 year old, but he made the industry what it is today and I believe you, me and 99.99% of wrestling fans forget that.

I couldn’t disagree with you more.  Just because Vince has lost touch now doesn’t mean people don’t respect his entire body of work.  The two are mutually exclusive.  In business, you are judged on what you do now, not what you have done in the past.  America’s biggest store used to be Sears.  They stupidly let come along and create a website where they could do the exact same thing that Sears used to do in their catalog.  No one says, “Show Sears respect for what they did in the past”, nor should they.

To follow up, What do you think the state of wrestling (as a whole) will be a year after Vince McMahon finally decides to leave?

Honestly?  It won’t be any worse.  Either the WWE booking will stay bad, as it is now, or it will improve.

I have question about the somewhat forgotten rematch clause.  Growing watching Championship Wrestling from Florida in the early 80s I remember it being a common thing.  Now it’s only occasionally used.  In my opinion it should still be a common thing.  Too often a champion loses and either are booked to pander for a rematch, or are dropped out of the picture like a college football team after a lose.  As a current example, I think Miro should have and invoke an immediate rematch with Sammy.  What are your thoughts?

I don’t have a problem with the champion getting a rematch.  But if the booker doesn’t plan to put the belt back on the person, it makes more sense to not have him/her lose twice.

I know he's supposed to be a heel announcer but did you find Corey Graves comments on Dana Brooke tasteless?

I am guessing you are referring to him saying it’s her own fault she hasn’t worked hard enough to get ahead.  I don’t know that it was tasteless but it was ridiculous and uncalled for.  Wrestlers don’t get to shoot.  They are pushed by the booker.  If Vince doesn’t see something in someone, there is nothing they can do to “get better”.  They are slotted by his opinion of them.  It’s possible the line was fed to him, which would just be dopey if that is the case.  Passive aggressiveness is for cowards.

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