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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-11 10:00:00

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They need to make Cody a heel, like yesterday, right?

If it were me, I would do it.  When a guy comes out wearing the red, white and blue and gets booed big time, I listen to the fans.  Maybe they can get his babyface heat back but right now, it seems like a longshot.

What are you thoughts on the reporters segment on MLW?  What do you think about them talking about WWE and AEW?  Did they ask you to be a part of it?

MLW did reach out to Mike Johnson to do it but he declined.  Honestly, I would as well because I honestly have no desire to do it and it would put me in a bad position when they do something like announce Will Ospreay is coming in but I couldn’t report it.  As for the segment, I think it’s an interesting idea by MLW.  They are trying to incorporate that mainstream sports concept into their show.  I am not sure how I feel yet about them covering WWE and AEW on their show but I bet they feel that anyone watching them knows about those promotions already anyway.

Now that KO is back on Raw, do you think they will revisit that ultra-boring feud with Sami Zayn?

I hope not so that probably means yes.

Do you think Kevin Owens will jump to AEW when his contract is up?

That’s a good question.  A lot of his friends are there, for sure.  But he has also created a good position for himself in WWE.  My guess is he will listen to offers from both companies and then do what’s best for him and his family.  He’s not that far away from 40.  If I am him, I get as much money as I possibly can on that next contract.

I know you vehemently despise the MIB concept, but don't you think on a logical level most of the MIB winners should have at least teased a Wrestlemania cash-in? If I am a MIB winner, not only would I want to cash in on the biggest stage in WWE so I can become a star overnight with mainstream entertainment coverage, but the main event match is almost always a "knock down, drag out" affair, where the champ will likely be very prone for easy pickings.

For heels?  Nah, they should do something nefarious.  But for a babyface, absolutely.  They should all want to headline the biggest show of the year.  They should all want to valiantly win the Title on the biggest stage.  But, no one ever teases that.  It’s yet another reason I hate the insipid concept of MITB.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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