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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-09 10:00:00

Can you tell me anything about Reggie Parks?  I saw he passed and that he worked on several title belts, but I'd like to know more.

Greg Oliver of had two excellent pieces on Parks' life.  You can find them at this link AND this link.

Has there been any word on if AEW plans to sign Homicide?  I thought having him at the NYC show was great.

I haven't heard anything in regard to him signing with the company.  I also thought having him cameo was a cool idea given that he'd given so much to the NYC and the independent scene and a lot of talents are now doing very well thanks to his teachings.  It always bothered me that when Ring of Honor ran Madison Square Garden, they didn't find a spot for him in the Honor Rumble, so this to me, sort of made up for that oversight a little.

I just subscribed to IWTV for the Onita-Tremont match and there's a ton on there.  Is there anything you'd suggest I watch right away?

My favorite independent match that's currently on there was the Steve Corino vs. Colby Corino bout that took place on the 8/27 PWF event in North Carolina. It was a long, well done bout that told a phenomenal story and may actually end up being the final Steve Corino match, period, and if it was, he left it all out there in what was a truly special bell to bell match with his son, who is already easily one of the best talents in the Carolinas and will likely end up the subject of a bidding war.

The story is that Andre the Giant had a horrible back and pulled himself into the ring for Wrestlemania 3.  If that hadn't happened, What would the WWF had done?  If WM 3 had bombed how would the landscape in the industry have changed over the next several years? Would the WWF not have gone on to dominate PPV the way it did? Would momentum swing back to Crockett or the AWA? Your thoughts please?

Had Andre not been able to make it, my guess is Paul Orndorff would have headlined against Hogan.  It's possible they could have turned Roddy Piper heel if they were THAT desperate and just do a Loser Leaves WWF match or something, but I think WWF would have been so powerful by 1987 that even if the show had "bombed", it wouldn't have because the first ever PPV would have been a huge success anyway just based on being the first one for that technology and the sheer sight of that many fans plus Steamboat vs. Savage on the show would have cemented WWF.

If WWE signed Molly Holly, where has she been?

Behind the scenes, producing matches.

Any word on the NWA returning to St. Louis?

No, but they would be wise to do it the week WWE has the Royal Rumble there.

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