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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-07 10:00:00

Why would AJ Lee get involved in the WOW show and not go to WWE or AEW?

Well, WOW approached her and made her an offer to work as an Executive on the series.  She hasn't shown any interest in wrestling and has a lot of projects in Hollywood she's working on.  Going to WWE or AEW would surely take up a massive amount of her time.  WOW won't be as busy, she'll get an executive credit and she can be free to get her other film and writing projects going.  It's a no-brainer to me, especially since she has written in the past that returning to the ring, in her eyes, isn't an option for her due to health issues.

Stupid question idk but with the wow going to cbs affiliates does that mean it will also be available on the paramount plus cbs streaming app as well?

I don't believe so.  It's possible, but you would think if that was the case, they'd have announced it right off the bat.

What's next for PCO?

PCO is leaving Ring of Honor.  He told Pat LaPrade in Canada that his primary focus in 2022 will be working for Game Changer Wrestling.  He told LaPrade, "I won’t be exclusive with GCW, but I’ll have to prioritize them. In all, we’re talking about 40 shows for 2022. It’s still a lot of shows. With guys like Jon Moxley, Matt Cardona, Joey Janela and others, I’m very excited and eager to start with GCW!"

Is there any talk between the NWA and Joe Henning? I feel like the NWA would be a natural fit for Joe.

I haven't heard of any talks between the two but we are told Henning still wants to wrestle, so it's possible. 

Where's the WWE Vladimir documentary?

I feel like I answer this once a month.  It's in suspended animation until the company figures out their strategy for the docs.  The film is 100% completed and waiting to be released.

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