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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-05 10:00:00

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Hi - long time fan of the site. And long term fan of WWE dating back to the early 1990. I’ve been a subscriber of the network, attended shows, stayed up late despite work the next day to watch PPVs as I’m from the UK. But they’ve totally lost me. It’s been bad for a while so I stopped watching Raw and Smackdown. I consumed them via sites like yours. But since AEW came along and gave me an alternative (even with their faults) I even sometimes skip reading reports of their shows because it just sounds so mind boggling boring. It even got to the point where this week, I realised my lifetime dream of attending a Wrestlemania in person is wavering. I’d choose to attend an AEW dynamite taping instead because it is just so much fun over Wrestlemania if it was in the next few months. How is nobody in WWE pointing these issues out to Vince? I don’t get it anymore?

The people that work for Vince want to keep their jobs.  If they tell the boss that his vision is boring, they will be looking for a new job.  Plus, they also know that even if they said it to him, he won't listen.

Do you think the wrestling authority figure is a tiresome gimmick that needs to go away forever or do you think it can be saved and somehow modernized and made mire believable?

I have no issue with the authority figure when it's used sparingly.  It's when it's overused that it becomes tedious.

Does Bron Breaker take after his father more, or is uncle more?

I actually see bits of both Rick and Scott Steiner in Bron.  That's a really good bloodline to draw from.

If AEW continues to gain momentum and goodwill, how long before they’re ready to fill a 60-80,000 seat football stadium?

I honestly don't know but I wouldn't bet against them being able to do it.  They filled Arthur Ashe and that's a great job.

Vince had to buy the WWWF from his father, correct?  Would it be poetic, (and realistic) if Triple H, Stephanie and Shane pooled their resources and convinced some investors to help and buy the WWE from Vince?

Poetic?  Yes.  Realistic?  No.  As of the close of the Market on Friday, the company had a market cap of 4.4 billion dollars.  That is a lot of money to raise.  Plus, Vince controls the stock that would need to be bought.  If they sell, I think it will be to a big conglomerate.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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