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By Dave Scherer on 2021-10-04 10:00:00

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Well WWE has King of the Ring, now they have King of the Dumb! Watching the first night of the draft picks, all I could think of were the holes that many of these picks left. And unexplained choices that could have been made. But come on…if they are picking who they want and who might be valuable to them….no one picked Brock? I know, I know….storyline. But then we’re back to the Dumb. What do you think about how it went?

I had no positive expectations for the draft and those expectations were realized.

Someone recently asked why Ciampa and Gargano have not been called up to the main roster.  I have a guy I was always curious about in Oney Lorcan.  It seems like he’s been in NXT longer than anyone.  I think a solid worker.  Do you think he will be an NXT lifer sort of speak?  And these days is working in NXT full time better than working on the indy scene?

Before it became 2.0 I would have said yes.  Now, with what they are doing to the show?  I have no idea.  Great workers aren't what they brand is any longer, which is a damn shame.

So we’re 3 weeks into NXT 2.0 and I’m about done with it.  It’s depressing because NXT was my go to show for the last several years before AEW came along.  My questions are regards to it supposedly being more edgy.  1.  The “edgy” they’re going with reminds me of the worst parts of The Attitude Era”.  Do you agree?  2.  What’s the point if they aren’t going to go “edgy” on the main roster?  3.  If they do go “edgy” on the main roster do you feel it’s a direct response to AEW?

To answer your questions, I don't think Vince McMahon has any idea HOW to do edgy any longer.  He's 76 years old.  He doesn't know what young people are into.  He has no idea what they think is edgy.

What has Shannon Moore been up to lately?

I remember he announced he had retired from the ring over five years ago.  I am not sure what he is up to now.  I know he had a tattoo studio but I am not sure if he still does.

You answered a question about the referee Rick Knox on how terrible he is and that if Young Bucks had a legit referee they would never be able to pull off the things that do in the ring with him as the referee. Can you explain what makes a wrasslin (yes I’m from Texas) referee legit and what do the Young Bucks do in the ring that they get away with Knox as the referee?

It’s pretty simple, a good ref enforces the rules.  What do the Bucks do?  Blatant double teams where they should be DQ’d.  Leaving the ring for long periods of term to set up spots.  Things like that.  Good wrestlers do nefarious things and protect the ref.  The Bucks hang Knox out to dry, not that it seems to matter to them.

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