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By Mike Johnson on 2021-10-03 10:00:00

Do you think AEW is using CM Punk and Bryan Danielson too much on TV?  I feel like they are already regulars on the roster.

Well, that's because they are.  AEW only has four PPVs a year, so unless you are going to hold one or both out for just those PPVs, they sort of have to be regulars.  AEW's primary goal is to make money and they derive their biggest income from the TV rights fees through WarnerMedia and others.  They want to have their ratings be as high as they can get to be monetarily worthwhile to their TV partners with hopes of getting even bigger rights fees when their current deals are up.  So, if that means CM Punk vs. Will Hobbs or Bryan Danielson vs. Nick Jackson on TV, of course they are going to be on TV.    There's a long-term goal being worked on by AEW.

I feel like my brain has been made acutely aware of thinking about what a champion moves onto after losing the belt. I think that AEW has done a great job of having meaningful programs to move their champions to after they pass on the title (the only glaring example of this not being true is the women’s title…most of their previous champions see their stock drop a lot), but I just don’t see where Miro goes next. A lot of people talk about guys being “bigger than the belt” or not needing it, but maybe Miro needed to be TNT champion to help get him over. What do you think they could do with him? I’m having a hard time thinking of anything.

They can have him chase Sammy for the title.  They can bring in his wife and spark another feud with say Cody and Brandi Rhodes.  There's lot of things Miro can do.  I really enjoyed his TNT run but I get why they did the title change in Rochester, as a way to have something special on that show since Brodie Lee held the TNT title and that's where he was originally from.  I don't think the loss will hurt Miro in the least, but we'll see.

This may have been addressed already and if so i apologize. Was wondering what the interaction/relationship has been between CM Punk and Colt Cabana since Punk came aboard??

We have heard zero about them interacting.  I don't believe there is any relationship between the two at this point and I don't imagine that will ever change.

Do you consider Double or Nothing to be AEW’s Wrestlemania? Or would All Out be their premier event due to All In essentially being the spark for AEW’s genesis?

Double or Nothing was the first AEW event, so to me, that's their biggest show of the year.  I have seen some in AEW push All Out and even Revolution as the biggest shows of the year, however.

Seeing as how the crowds have soured on Cody Rhodes lately, do you turn him heel to capitalize on it before this turns into a John Cena-type situation long-term?

No, my guess is that if he did a turn, the crowd would just cheer him anyway.  I think he should just be Cody and let the fans treat him however they want.  I do find some silliness in the idea that fans boo him for "putting himself over" when Tony Khan, not Cody, is the booker and has the final say.   

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