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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-28 10:00:00

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Talking with a friend about AEW two questions came in discussion.. Adam Page, should AEW finish the Omega/Page angle now especially when they have so many other talented guys?

Just the opposite, I would leave it for now and go back to it later.  With the new talent that has come in I just can't see Page beating Omega right now and they can't do another match where Page loses.

And does AEW have the faith in their “own” talent to put the world championship on them, or do you feel they’re slowly becoming TNA07?

Kenny is their guy.  Miro?  Well this is a totally new version of him so I will say he is their guy too.  Punk?  Cole?  Bryan?  I don't see them as WWE guys, Mox either for that matter.  So I will say I don't see them doing that.

Sitting here watching AEW Rampage, I always notice that the personal referee for the Young Bucks, Rick Knox, fails to count with multiple men in the ring. With the limited amount of Lucha Libre I've watched, I don't recall many of their referees counting either. Does AEW call 6-man tags Trios matches for this reason or should AEW referees be criticized for this?

Knox is the worst ref I have seen in a long, long time.  But, he does the things that Bucks want him to do so he knows his role.  The Bucks could never do the performance stuff that they do if they had a legit ref doing their matches.

What are you thoughts on the time limit draw between omega and Danielson? For me I thought they did it perfectly and that it was 2 guys wrestling each other with no interference who went to a stale mate and made me wanna see the rematch. My only is that they didn’t put a clock on the screen.

I liked it a lot.  I want to see them work again so I like how they finished it.  My only complaint was either they didn't announce it was a 30 minute time limit or I didn't hear them do it so the end came out of nowhere for me.

When Sting signed with AEW a lot of people (including you I believe) said they didn’t wanna see a 62 year old man wrestle.  Based on injuries he’s had I tended to agree, but I continue to be amazed at what he can still do at his age.  How impressed are you that a 62 year old man can not only still wrestle, but wrestle pretty damn good in short bursts?

He was amazing last week.  As long as he can keep doing that, I can’t say he shouldn’t.  I just worry that at his age, injury is inevitable but it’s up to him to do what he wants to do.

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