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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-27 10:00:00

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When other promotion’s champions come to AEW, shouldn’t a story be provided to explain why they are here and the significance behind such an appearance? Do you think too many champions from other promotions confuses fans as to which titles are most important? Where do AEW’s own titles fit into this championship muddle?

I think AEW has done a lot better job of late explaining things to viewers who don’t know who the new talents are.  I think in the beginning they did have an element of “the viewer already knows” but they have gotten much better at explaining new talents.

A follow-up to the question on AEW running Madison Square Garden...I understand (and agree) that AEW could run the Garden, but…is it that important in this day and age for them to plant a flag like that? Arthur Ashe is a bigger arena, gives off the feeling of a stadium show, and (I’m guessing here) is less expensive to run than the notoriously expensive MSG. Is it really a good idea to run MSG for what would seem to be a less profitable event just to say they played MSG?  P.S.: I’m saying this as a New Yorker myself…

While Mike Johnson would disagree with me I am sure, I agree with you.  MSG used to matter, back in the days when we were going from regional to national.  In 2021, I don't think it's that way any more.  Obviously, it's not just another building but I am with you, AEW in Ashe Stadium is a bigger thing now than MSG.  It's a better visual, it holds more people and it's all AEW's.  If I were Tony Khan, I would stay at Ashe.

I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a second. As wonderful as AEW has been lately, do you think they’re playing to a crowd that fails to see any flaw in their product? 7 hours of programming (granted while some on YouTube, they expect you know what happened), too many inside jokes, poor storytelling and character development unless you’re in the main event or friends of the EVPs, obvious outcomes, and stopping short crowd favorites are just some examples.

I think that they are playing to a crowd that likes what AEW gives them.  If they don’t see the things you see, then they are giving their fans what they want.  It’s kind of like sports, some people like American football but don’t like International football (soccer to some), and vice versa.  I think it just comes down to tastes.

Are the Young Bucks the most polarizing aspect of modern wrestling? It appears people either absolutely rave about them or cannot stand them. I don't think there's any middle ground.

I can’t think of any wrestler(s) more polarizing so I think you nailed it.

WWE had a good thing going for a while by not having the overbearing authority figures on screen and just having Adam Pearce subtly dealing with situations quickly backstage when needed. Now they have just reverted back to the old days with "WWE officials" taking up regular screen time every week and in Sonya's case, just punishing Naomi for no reason. Why did they see this as a missing piece of the puzzle and the need to turn Sonya Deville into Stephanie McMahon lite?

Vince always seems to go back to his old tropes.  That is the best answer I can give you.

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