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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-24 10:00:00

I was at the AEW Stadium Show and the experience sucked.  It took forever to get in, $50 parking, the walk from the parking lot was like 90 minutes long, the food took an hour to get and there was no way to get to the merchandise lines.  I'm sure the show was great but I never got to see much of it.  How can this company disrespect their fans this way?

OK, let's unpack this.  First, the parking lot is about a 5-7 minute walk from the Stadium.  When you have 20,000 people entering at the same time, it's not going to take 10 seconds.  Wrestlemania has the same problem with long lines entering.  The food concessions complaint was absolutely something I heard about that evening, but that's beyond AEW's control.  I have written about the long merchandise tables lines and have warned fans over and over to arrive early if they want to grab merchandise.  AEW really needs to implement a pre-sale online for pick-up at the show.  It's obvious they need to work on that to make the process quicker.  AEW didn't set the parking prices.  I don't think the company was disrespecting their fans by running a venue in NYC for the first time.  

Is there a band stupider than Europe for not wanting AEW to play their song for Bryan Danielson?

Yeah, that one was a real headscratcher for me.  It's been shown that Tony Khan is willing to spend money for music if iotts the right song for the right talent.  We've also seen how much Cult of Personality being associated with CM Punk has benefitted the living legends that are Living Colour.  Europe pricing themselves out of the market for a song that first came out in the late 1980s is pretty silly to me.  I would have liked seeing it used, but as you said, the band cut their nose off to spit their face, which is excessively odd given they have no true footprint in the United States especially in 2021 and this could have really helped them, and gotten them paid.  All that said, I think the music for Danielson that AEW's Mikey Rukus crafted is pretty damn cool.

Any word when AEW returns to Queens?

Tony Khan has said a year.  The Stadium would be happy to have them back much, much sooner.  Management there loved hosting AEW.

If there was a talent that was underrated when he wrestled but would have still been great if he came along today, who would it be?

There's lots of names but I really feel Dick Murdoch would have gotten over anywhere if he was motivated.    I saw lots of NWA house shows where he just worked over talents for long stretches of time until the audience was ready to melt down, and then he'd do something funny to set up the babyface getting a big pop when they drilled him.   

I also wish Eddie Gilbert could wrestle in today's era as the only real knock on him was that he was small and he was billed at 5'10".  Today, that wouldn't have been a factor and he was awesome, so he'd be ripping things apart today.  

I know you didn't ask about female talents, but Velvet McIntyre was great then and would have been great now too.

I saw the Raw in MSG Anniversary was this week and in the results, it says a Steve Corino won a dark match.  Same guy?

Yes, same person.  He's probably the only former NWA or ECW Champion undefeated in MSG!

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