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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-18 10:42:00

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For now, should AEW cool it on the surprises and debuts?

It depends on who it is.  I think that they are pretty well set up right now so unless it's a super huge name, I would wait a while and let the recent additions have time to resonate.

Has it become too late for Kenny Omega to drop the AEW World Title to Hangman Page?

I think they missed the window.  I was starting to feel that way before the new talents came in, but I definitely feel that way now.  It would be hard to shoehorn him into the Title picture anyway, but with Bryan and Punk there now, it would be even harder.

Say you’re Vince McMahon in 2018, and after the embassy debacle (for lack of a better description) you cut all ties to Saudi Arabia, contracts be damned.  Do you have faith that Jerry McDevitt can handle whatever legal action the Saudis can throw at WWE?

I would have never made a deal with them to begin with but I definitely would have canceled it after the actions of the government.  Vince McMahon cares more about money than I do.

In answering my Q and A question, you once asked “can Brock Lesnar GET any scarier?”  Well John Cena said Brock looks like he’s the size of 2 Brock Lesnars and Pat McAfee yelled “Brock Lesnar looks like he ATE Brock Lesnar!”   Taking those statements into account, is the answer to your question a definite YES?

He looks just as scary as he always did to me.

I wrote in before about Big E cashing in on Bobby Lashley but doing it the honourable way, at a PPV or Raw and getting revenge for fellow New Day members who had been brutalised by the Almighty. Instead WWE start his reign by him beating an injured Lashley who has just had a long match v Randy Orton. Why is no one bringing this up and seeing it makes everyone look bad?

I can’t speak for anyone else but I can tell you that I have said exactly that since it happened.  That was not the way for a babyface to get his first reign, but WWE only thought about the moment and countering Monday Night Football.  They dropped the ball in my opinion.  Big E is over enough to save it, but it could have been so much better.

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