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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-13 10:22:00

Ring of Honor is currently taping TV in Philadelphia before a closed set.

For those who have asked about Jake Atlas, we are told he was OK at the hotel last night after the show but was absolutely banged up after his match with Taylor Rust.

Rok-C, who stole last night's PPV with an excellent performance against Miranda Alize (equally excellent), winning the ROH Women's World Championship, commented on her win:

ROH Ambassador Cary Silkin was not at last night's PPV following the death of a long-time friend.   We send Silkin, one of the truly good people around pro wrestling, our deepest condolences.

MCW promoter Dan McDevitt is on this week's edition of the ROH Strong podcast.

No word yet on what is slated for this weekend's edition of ROH TV.

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