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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-14 10:00:00

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Do you think that with the world slowly opening back up, and with AEW having helped spotlight their wrestlers and championships, promotions like Impact and the NWA will get a significant second wind? It's clear that AEW considers Impact, NWA, and NJPW to be their contemporaries and not just mere competition, and I think it's pretty awesome to see major wrestling promotions helping one another out this way.

It could definitely happen and I hope it does.  I am not rooting against WWE but I do like companies working together for the common goal of taking away the monopoly from WWE that they have had for far too long.

How excited are you about AEW and their resurgence? I’m not thinking about putting WWE out of business. I’m thinking of the revolving door of talent that could happen if both shows are successful. What if AJ Styles shows up on AEW and we see Proud N Powerful on WWE. This is so good for the business.

I love it.  The business has been so much more fun since AEW returned in front of fans.  I love when wrestling is fun, especially when most of the WWE programming is predictable and repetitive.

With the coveted 18 to 49 demo that everyone wants,  this past week is the 1st time to my knowledge that AEW has caught the once  Flagship WWE RAW at a .52. That to me is  incredible for a very young company. My question is what does AEW need to do in your opinion to continually grow the number of eyes watching them? I personally love what AEW has created and I don't want to see a WCW 2.0 failure. To me wrestling works best with major competition to drive it forward with new and fresh ideas. Second question I guess is how do you see this playing out both short and long term? It sure has been fun recently.

Mike Eps and I talked a LOT about this on our show Saturday.  In a nutshell, they just need to stay the course and continue doing what they are doing.  The winds of change move slowly and even if they never overtake WWE, they are making their own product stronger and more viable.  That is where they focus is and should be.

Why is MJF feuding with Brian Pillman Jr.? Seems like a step down from Chris Jericho.

When I saw their interaction, I took it as, if it continues, it would be a way to elevate Pillman.  There is a lot there with him.  Wrestling is about guys getting the rub and then giving it.

Who would be given credit to for creating the Hell in a Cell match for WWE?

If memory serves, that would Jim Cornette who pitched the idea.

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