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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-13 10:00:00

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Do you see Kenny Omega dropping the AEW World title to Bryan Danielson?

I honestly don’t know and that is a great feeling as a fan.  I love when things aren’t predictable and they could definitely go either way with this decision.

At Summerslam, I noticed they used smoke machines instead of the usual pyro for most, if not all, of the entrances.  Goldberg's entrance in particular suffered and came off a bit flat as a result.  Was there a no-pyro rule in effect at Allegiant Stadium, and if so, why?

I know that due to the heat they had the sides closed so that could have had something to do with it.  The stadium is so new I am not sure if they have that rule in place or not but with the building closed it could have just been they weren’t sure if they could get the smoke out of the building.  If could also be that the roof was really expensive since it was built with protective glass that will let light in but keep the harmful rays out.

Does AEW seem to be the anti WWE in that is does not focus mostly on the bigger physically guys but smaller guys like Darby Allen, Young Bucks, MJF etc? People like Brian Cage, Lance Archer and Luchasaurus don't seem to be spotlighted as much as they could be.

They have some bigger guys, for sure, but they do push smaller guys more and better than WWE does, for sure.

Question on Adam Cole. Do you think WWE ever really thought they could get him to re-sign? (If they really wanted him to in the first place......) They let Pat McAfee consistently degrade his size and stature during their feud last year. They made it clear they didn't want smaller guys like him with Vince's edict of no small, Indy guys going forward. When they pitch ideas for him on the main roster, it's to be Keith Lee's manager. And finally, they want to change his name bc Michael Cole, of all people, shares the same last name? In my opinion, for a guy of his size, there was always going to be a ceiling in WWE from Vince's perspective.

I have said the same things you did and I never thought Cole would trust that he would pushed well if he went up to the main roster for all of the reasons you stated.  And once NXT went back under the control of Bruce Prichard and company, I didn’t see any way Cole would stay there.  I wouldn’t have either if I were him.

Also, with only so much TV time do you see it being a potential problem with so much great talent sitting idle?

I don’t think it has to be an issue.  I think it can be a good way to cycle talents and keep them fresher.  Look at Hangman Page.  He has been out for a while.  When he returns, the crowd should pop in a big way.  Also with having more talent they can let younger wrestlers germinate and grow.

Thoughts on Tony Khan’s statement about having his wrestlers win in their hometowns?

I usually think that Khan should stay away from taking shots at WWE but in this case I agree him and I am glad he said it, and gave the talents wins.  Vince McMahon’s odd and ridiculous practice of making people look bad in their hometowns is ridiculous and should be called out.  It makes him seem like a real tool to consistently do that.

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