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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-11 20:40:00

Japanese legend Atsushi Onita's match against Matt Tremont for Tremont's H20 Wrestling will now take place Sunday 10/31 in Trenton, NJ at The Trenton Thunder Ballpark, which holds 6,150 for baseball games.  Tremont made the announcement of the location of the event this evening:

The storyline is that Onita, 63, has been calling out Tremont, who retired in October 2020, to face him and Tremont has finally agreed.  Tickets for the event will go on sale this week.

The match will headline a three night series of events that weekend with all of the events, including Onita vs. Tremont streaming live on IndependentWrestling.TV.

Onita previously faced Tremont at CZW's Once in A Lifetime in August 2017, a bout that was marred by poor explosions used and booking (which Onita pushed for) that saw the match twist into a six man tag team bout, leaving the live crowd underwhelmed.  A produced but never released documentary on Japanese Death Match legend Atsushi Onita coming to the United States to face Matt Tremont at Combat Zone Wrestling's Once In A Lifetime event was released for free online for all to watch in May 2020:

At the time, Director Mike Coughlin noted the film, "...was meant to be a companion piece to CZW's Once in a Lifetime event, featuring Atsushi Onita accepting Matt Tremont's challenge to an exploding death match in the United States. Due to outside interest in the documentary, the footage was licensed to a 3rd party. Unfortunately that company ultimately chose not to pursue the project. While I'd rather the program be shown in it's final hi-res, edited, form - the original footage is no longer readily available. Since this is the 25th anniversary of Onita's Kawasaki Dream match with Hayabusa, and with most of us all in quarantine, I wanted to release the raw/rough cut I originally pitched. I hope you all enjoy."

After the CZW match, Onita invited Tremont to come face him in Japan, which happened during a multi-man tag team bout in October 2017 in Tokyo.  Onita would return to CZW to team with Tremont against DJ Hyde and Masada at Cage of Death 20, a bout that upset the PA State Athletic Commission and building management when Onita ignored regulations and brawled over the guard rails into the crowd.  

Since that time, Tremont retired but continued to train and promote the H20 promotion and wrestling school while Onita launched a new promotion FMW-E, meant to invoke the groundbreaking FMW from the 1990s, a promotion that will be featured in the latter half of the third season of ViceTV's Dark Side of Ring.

But, Onita and Tremont never had the chance to actually have their singles bout with a definitive winner...until now.

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