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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-11 10:44:00

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Let’s say you’re Triple H. Everything you’ve built over the last ten years has just been uprooted by Vince, the two guys you replaced (Prichard and Laurinaitis) are now back in high level positions in WWE and WWE’s developmental is going in the direction they were going when you took over. Plus, one of your top guys (Adam Cole) from NXT is wrestling on the competition now. How would you feel right now?

From the outside looking in, I would not be happy.  I would also think that the company is making a mistake.

Let’s say you’re Tony Khan. Your company is now right back where it started during the first few months when it comes to buzz and goodwill. Ratings for Dynamite are up over a million again, you have legitimate stars with CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Adam Cole, and you have that stadium show in New York coming up. What’s your next move? With AEW’s buzz and ratings high enough that TNT is touting it, plus guys like CM Punk are talking about how they’re a part of TNT as much as AEW, and they have a championship named after the channel, should Tony Khan try to renegotiate to keep Dynamite on TNT, despite the NHL deal? Maybe move Dynamite to Monday?

I think I would just stay the course.  TNT came to him to change nights so I would wait and see if they want to keep the show on the network if it keeps doing over a million viewers a week.

What’s your take on CM Punk’s statement that him, Danielson and Cole jumping to AEW is bigger than Hogan, Hall and Nash jumping to WCW?

I think we will get to see it play out.  Remember, Hogan was out of the WWE for about a year before he went to WCW.  He didn’t take off until Hall and Nash arrived, which was huge.  But then WCW flamed out.  If AEW can continue to grow then Punk may be proven correct.

During an article where you wrote reasons AEW as a threat to WWE, you talked about Fox being fed up with their deal with WWE and could give AEW an offer in a few years. What about taking a chance on Impact? Impact is associated with AEW to the point where their Champion wrestled AEW’s champion, but they’re smaller so Fox might be able to have a bigger say in what they can do.

I don’t see that happening because Impact isn’t doing a million plus viewers like AEW is.

Has there ever been a time where so much wrestling has been on TV, where you can watch it every day of the week?

At the height of the Monday Night Wars we had four hours of WWE, four hours of WCW and two hours of ECW.  We definitely have more than that now!

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