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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-09 10:00:00

Do you think TNT will come down on AEW for the MJF promo yesterday?

What?  No.  There is no way they are going to be upset that a heel was effectively doing his job.  That's like asking if AMC is going to get mad because the zombies killed someone on The Walking Dead.   If anything, TNT should be happy.  They have marketed AEW as a TV-14 show since it was created and that's what they are getting.  I am glad we are watching a heel actually be a heel - when's the last time someone did something actually dastardly that crossed the line in WWE?  Those sort of antics with Roddy Piper are what put WWF on the map for Wrestlemania.  

If Triple H had a "cardiac issue", does this mean he's done in the ring?

Given that WWE has never cleared Jerry Lawler to wrestle again, it's quite possible that Triple H would be medically disqualified from wrestling again.  I would imagine the company would view him as far more valuable as an excecutive than as a performer.  Anything could happen, and I don't want to speculate on anything really, especially when he's recovering in a hospital, but my feeling is that chapter of his career could very well be over.

I am going through old ECW shows and there were several times Chris Benoit was announced for shows and then he wasn't there until he returned to leave.  Any idea what happened?  New Japan tours?

No, it wasn't New Japan tours.  What happened is Chris Benoit was traveling from Canada to the United States on a tourist visa.  He was warned at the border once and told if he tried to cross again without a proper work visa, he would be banned from entering the States.  So, that was that.  He returned for the final appearance, possibly because by then he had the work visa in place.

I was also watching the WWE DVD documentary on it and there were stories about talents flying under fake names and bereavement fares.  How could that be pulled off given the security we have at airports.

You aren't thinking about the time period.  This was the mid-1990s, well before 9/11 resulted in maximum security enforcement at airports and other major public travel hubs.

Did Peacock ever complete the WWE Network?

We are told it was completed the morning before Summerslam.

Do you ever see WWE or AEW stealing the Batman Day or Star Trek Day promotions we see from major companies and creating their own "day" like that?

Sure, it's a great promotional tool.  For me, I always pay attention to May the Fourth as a big Star Wars fan.  I bet with some work and partnerships with licensees either company could come up with something unique for their audience as a way to push merchandise and big events, maybe even stream a special live event like Paramount+ did for Star Trek Day this past week.

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