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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-08 10:00:00

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What was the logic in putting the Wight/Marshall match so damn high on the card? It didn't make it seem important if that's what Khan was trying to do; to us, it made us think "Oh look at that, Cody's favoring his buddies again"...and did you think it went on too long?

It was smart booking.  It was a buffer match.  After the emotional return of CM Punk, AEW wisely sent out a match that was going to go by the numbers to give the crowd a break before the main event.  I think it was a good call. The match was fine for what it was.

Just out of curiosity, why do you not cover the TV series HEELS? Here is a series that covers an ultra independent wrestling company (DWL), and all the stuff that goes on behind the curtain. I enjoy watching this show more than WWE.

It's not a wrestling promotion, it's a TV show.  Yes, it's about wrestling but it's a scripted TV series.  Yes, I know WWE is too but you get my drift I hope.

Is the era of WWE bringing in outside talents who have made a name outside of WWE like Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, etc. over? They seem now to be focusing on talents that have come up through their system. Does this help out hurt them?

It certainly seems that way right now.  Personally, I think it's a mistake.  Wrestling is wrestling.  Talents build names outside of WWE and fans grow attached to them.  Why WWE wouldn't want to capitalize on that makes no sense to me.  AEW gladly will take them.

I was reading your Q&A and saw a comment you made about Miro and his initial introduction into AEW as a flop. I think you nailed the difference in AEW booking. Miro was still an unstoppable monster even with his silly video game gimmick (which may be true to who he actually is), so when they just went full monster, it almost seemed natural and not like a full tweak of character. He got fed up with Kip Sabian and destroyed him and then went on a rampage through the roster, adopting the Redeemer along the way. Why do you think the WWE struggles with this?

WWE wants complete control of the narrative. I f they book someone as a goof, they want him to be a goof.  Look at how they resisted Daniel Bryan and Becky Lynch getting over organically before they finally gave them a shot at the top.  Vince McMahon wants a character to be his vision, period.  It’s sad.

Also, Bryan Danielson and CM Punk jump to AEW. That’s big news but don’t you think Adam Cole’s jump hurts WWE worse? He’s the first big name from the Wednesday War to make the jump and wasn’t even an NXT cut. How do you think other NXT stars like Ciampa and Gargano reacted to that?

I know a lot of people in WWE would like to be in the position that Cole was but no, Bryan jumping was bigger.  He was a top of the card WWE act and he chose to walk away.  That’s much more significant than a top of NXT act doing it.

Do you think AEW does a good job of signing positive talent to the roster? Their locker room is positive but it could take one major signing to destroy that.

So far they have done a very good job.  But to be fair, when talents are happy where they are, the locker room will be a more positive place.  On the whole, wrestlers are very happy in the environment that Tony Khan has created.

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