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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-06 10:00:00

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As a lapsed WWE fan who hasn’t watched the main roster (except highlights) in years, NXT was the last hold out.  I’ve loved it for quite some time.  I started watching AEW when it came around and along with NXT those are my two must see wrestling shows.  That said I think NXT has been way less interesting the last few months.  With the changes incoming, and it reportedly being produced by Vince McMahon and Bruce Pritchard I literally feel like they’re pushing me to AEW exclusively.  Are you getting that same sentiment from other fans as well?

I have heard the same thing from other fans.  They feel WWE doesn't want their business.  It's crazy to me that they don't try to appeal to all fans, but that is how they are.

Seems like PWInsider has fully jumped on the AEW train but with the exception of CM Punk it's pretty much the same show it was a month ago and it was a convoluted mess then. I will happily admit Punk has brought some real spark to the show and some ratings bumps which is good. The WWE monolith definitely needs to be challenged to have a better product, so that's also welcome. But what has AEW done to make their product better? The ring work and the booking are the same as they were before when the product was all over the place and barely breaking a million viewers.

They aren’t actually.  Since returning front of fans, AEW has tightened up a lot of holes in the booking.  They are doing a lot more things that make sense.  That is what has made the product better for me.  They have actually gotten me to invest in the wrestlers and storylines.  That is all I ask from a company.  They aren’t perfect but I am enjoying them a lot more than I had been.

Ok, we are a few days out, and I haven't seen anyone ask this question.  CM Punk, Darby...  Do you have CM Punk lose?  I mean, the prevailing wisdom is no, but just think of the storylines that come out of that.  Does Punk still have it, was it ring rust?  You could set up 2-3 more matches, hell bring in MLF to do the Jericho thing to him...  What do you think, CM Punk takes the 1,2,3 and does the j,o,b to Darby?

I am typing this on Sunday before the show but no way.  You don’t pull a Russo here and put a stain on Punk.  He’s a top tier talent and he shouldn’t lose his first match.  Plus, look at all of the fans who came back just for him.  If he loses they may leave.  And the show is in his HOME TOWN.  Think of the reaction it would get.  Nope, I have him win a hard fought battle where Darby is elevated in the process.

I watched AEW for the first time, and it made me sad. Sad for WWE. Sad for what it has become. I have been watching wrestling for 60 years now, and while I credit VKM for making it bigger, it makes me realize that bigger is not always better. Really, who wants to watch the same match every week, with just minor variations? I was much more entertained watching AEW. I did not know the wrestlers, or their stories and backstories, but that was ok, because it was not the same old same old as when I watch WWE. And the matches that I saw held my interest because, while I did not know the wrestlers, they were good at telling the story of the match. I am so glad I found them. Maybe I need a break from WWE.  What do you think?

Since I have said the same thing a lot lately I will agree with you (and myself).

Did you enjoy it when WWE did storylines that are based from real-life personal dramas like the love triangle of Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita back in '05? Looking back, that was at times hard to watch but I definitely believe that angle really began to showcase Edge as a top vicious heel superstar for years to come. I only wish that they capitalized on Hardy’s popularity after this feud ended as he probably was the most over in his career probably other than his Broken gimmick.

I guess it all depends but I definitely did not enjoy that one.  It felt too personal to me.  Now something like attacking an injury that we didn’t know had healed, like what happened with The Pit Bull in ECW, that I enjoy because it isn’t that personal.  It just plays off of a reality.

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