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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-05 10:00:00

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I have heard you say before that AEW has to earn your money when they are on PPV.  Have they earned it for All Out?

Yes, they absolutely have.  They have done a great job building up to the show and I am excited to watch it.  I was invested before CM Punk debuted, now I am really invested.

If they have, would you pay the full $50 price?

You are alluding to using a VPN service to buy the show for the cheaper price.  You know what, I think they have indeed earned the full price tag this time. As I said above, they have done a great job building up this show.

Is NXT done as a good product now that Vince McMahon is rebranding it?

I guess it depends on your perspective.  To me?  I am not excited at all.  We already have his vision on Monday and Friday.  I don’t think we need another night of it.  I will give it a chance, but I am not looking forward to see him put his vision on NXT.

What do you expect when NXT shows off it’s new changes?

I am hoping for positive things.  But I also remember when Vince McMahon put his vision on ECW and destroyed it.  So until he shows me otherwise, I am expecting the worst.

And that new logo, is that the ugliest logo you have every seen?

It’s hideous, I have seen worse but this one is downright ugly.

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