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By Mike Johnson on 2021-09-02 10:00:00

WWE advertised a bunch of matches for Raw this week and none of them happened.  You reported Miz wasn't there so throwing out whatever the reason was, he wasn't there, so they had to make alternative plans - but why didn't the other matches happen?

Vince McMahon didn't like the plans and changed them, multiple times.  We covered it on the site this past Tuesday.

You traditionally cover WWE at Madison Square Garden, so assuming you are going, how do you feel about being in a major arena?

Well, I was in the United Center in Chicago a few weeks back for Rampage and I'd probably handle MSG the same way if I go - I'll wear a mask the entire time and keep myself as distant as possible, even though MSG is requiring everyone to be vaccinated.  It was oddly not weird to be back in a major building, but the one thing I did and would do again is get tested for COVID every other day for a week or so. 

I don't understand Ric Flair's promo on the NWA PPV.  He basically praised everyone including tons of people who aren't part of the NWA.  Why would the NWA even want this?  They are trying to build up the company and here's Flair praising Vince McMahon, The Undertaker, this guy, that guy.  What gives?

I am pretty sure that happened because Billy Corgan told Flair to go out and say what he wanted.  The important thing was that Flair was there to give the praise to Trevor Murdoch when he won the NWA title.  I don't believe anything else was as important, because no matter what Flair said, he was going to get cheered and it's not like he was going to do an angle to wrestle, so using him to build up Murdoch was the most important thing.

Did you enjoy it when WWE did storylines that are based from real-life personal dramas like the love triangle of Matt Hardy, Edge and Lita back in '05? Looking back, that was at times hard to watch but I definitely believe that angle really began to showcase Edge as a top vicious heel superstar for years to come. I only wish that they capitzalized on Hardy’s popularity after this feud ended as he probably was the most over in his career probably other than his Broken gimmick.

If I am being honest, I thought it was captivating TV until that Summerslam where Hardy was treated like a complete loser and they quickly ended what the fans bought into was a legitimate issue.    I think Edge and Lita got a lot of juice out of that situation, while Hardy did not.  All of that said, while it was a boon for the heels involved, I think everyone would have preferred that their personal issues never became a public situation.  I can't imagine any of them look back at the era with great fondness.

In watching AEW, I've really enjoyed Anthony Bowens.  I am amazed that WWE never scooped him up.  Any ideas why?

Bowens was one of a number of talents who would get looked at and given WWE tryouts but for some reason, they never pulled the trigger on hiring.  I know that after he started appearing on AEW Dark, the story that made the rounds is that WWE did make him an offer but he ended up signing with AEW instead.  When you look at it, it makes sense.  WWE would have required him to move to Florida and give up all his outside projects, including a lot of work for the LGBTQ+ community while AEW allowed him to remain in the Northeast and continue his outside exploits. 


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