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By Dave Scherer on 2021-09-01 10:00:00

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How much scarier does Brock Lesnar look while Sporting the full Viking beard And the tied back ponytail?  Between now and the eventual Brock Lesnar Roman Reigns match, how many German Suplexes are The Usos going to be taking?

Can he look any scarier?  The dude is a scary man.  Usos beware.

I know a lot of NXT talent has been misused and flopped on the main roster, but what about The NXT call ups that were successful?  Damian Priest has been on a roll winning big matches and tag teaming with international pop stars.  Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have had very successful runs in the upper mid card the past 5 years.  Rhea Ripley is a star.  As are Charlotte, Sasha, Bailey, while Becky Lynch is a bonified main eventer.  Nakamura has been misused but he’s always been on TV and has had success, Baron Corbin has been having a decent run too with some accomplishments.  And then there’s Riddle, I’m not digging what he’s doing on Raw, but they are partnering him with Randy Orton, and put the tag belts on them on summer slam.  So can hits from NXT balance out the misses, or did WWE screw up too many call ups that the hits can’t get the bad taste out of your mouth?

They have definitely gotten some right.  But honestly?  They should.  They have been handed a lot of great talents.  I don’t think we should pat them on the back for making a one foot putt.

If all the talent comes into AEW that’s rumored to come in, should Tony Khan split the roster like WWE with Raw and Smackdown?  Dynamite could have Kenny, the Bucks, the Dark Order, Adam Cole (if he joins) and all of their friends and everyone who wants to work that style.  Rampage could have Cody, CM punk, Malacki black, Sting, Darby and others like them and it could have more of an old school serious style.  If the roster is split like that, AEW could have two distinctly different products.

He could but I wouldn’t.  I think he should keep growing the AEW brand itself.  There is no reason to split things up at this point.  I like the all hands on deck approach.

I've noticed that AEW doesn't really include the original ALL-IN in their timeline or history in terms of how the seeds started to form in their content. Do you know who owns the ALL-IN show and footage? Is it Cody and the Young Bucks or Ring of Honor?

That show was backed by Ring Of Honor, before AEW was formed.

Do you expect a Punk vs. Cabana feud in AEW at some point, or do you think they will absolutely refuse to work together, given their personal issues with each other?  If the answer is currently no, what do you think it would take for them to mend enough of their differences in order to create a professional relationship where they can work a program together?

I don’t see it happening.  Even if you forget their issues with each other, Punk is a top guy and Cabana, well, isn’t.  A good booker wouldn’t waste the goodwill they have in Punk by putting him in a feud to pop a small percentage of hardcore fans.  It is bad business.

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