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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-31 10:00:00

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What are your thoughts on the lawsuit by the tattoo artist claiming ownership of Orton's tattoos? I do not know if you guys have tats, but I do. Some, I brought in for duplication. Others were chosen from the tattoo artists' artwork. Is there a difference in who created the artwork, and, once the tattoos are affixed to the recipient, isn't that the same as licensing the artwork to one bearing it? Or does all of this only have to do with the artwork being shown in video games, albeit maybe not intentionally by the tattoo wearer, but simply because it is a part of the tattoo wearer? I think once the tattoo bearr gets a tattoo, he/she can do whatever they want with it, since it is now a permanent part of their actual skin. What say you, guys?

I honestly have no idea legally since I am not a lawyer.  My guess is that if a tattoo artist does a tat for Randy Orton, who is famous and it’s well known that he works on TV, I would think the artist has to realize that Orton will be showing his work to the masses.  It’s pretty ridiculous to think that Orton would stop wrestling so as to not show the tats.

With Karrion Kross's permanent move to Raw this week, I was wondering if it's known what percentage of Raw/SD viewers also watch NXT? I didn't really start watching NXT regularly until it was put on USA Network. So to me, storyline-wise, seeing Kross appear on Raw (and lose to Jeff Hardy) and NXT (and then eventually lose the NXT Title) can be reasonably attributed to an overzealous athlete burning the candle at both ends. But my real concern is that as a viewer of both products, I can’t also truly view Kross as a dominant force on Raw if I just saw him lose his championship in NXT.  In the territory days and beyond, when you exit one company you leave doing the J-O-B. So many NXT callups end up losing in NXT before they leave, but they are moving within the same company. (I can only remember Kevin Owens and Kross keeping the NXT Title for awhile before leaving for the main roster FT.) This brings me back to my original question - - as a viewer of both, how can WWE fix this storyline loophole? I’m aware you have to transfer the heat before moving on, but this isn't so much a promotion as it's a "do the honors" on your way out type of mentality. Especially since superstars now regularly go back to NXT as if it's on par with Raw/SD I just wish there would be some more effort put into grabbing these guys from NXT bc it seems I'm being told two different things simultaneously. A) NXT is not developmental, it's a 3rd brand BUT AND STILL  B) Going to Raw or SD is the equivalent to being called up to the majors in baseball. Thoughts?

I don’t know what the crossover is but I would think it’s pretty high.  How can they avoid things like us all knowing Samoa Joe was going to win the Title last week?  Plan better.  If Vince McMahon gives HHH three month notice before calling up a talent, HHH can tell better stories.  When he gives him no notice, well we see things like what they did to Kross.  Also, it’s just common sense to not have the NXT Champ job on his first appearance on Raw.  That was just stupid but hey, that’s WWE booking.

Is Baron Corbin related to Cameron Grimes? Lol

It definitely seems like someone on Smackdown creative watched NXT, for sure.

Is it pretty safe to assume that the former Bray Wyatt is being brought in to lead the Dark Order?  The less than subtle hints this week with them telling Uno he isn’t the leader, and then Uno (I believe) at the end saying ’but we’re family’, lead me down that path.

I wouldn't assume it but they are definitely putting a story in place if they choose to go that route.  Honestly though, I think the group has run its course.  I would let the talents break up and go on their own.

Greetings! In your professional opinion, where is the fine line in 2021, between presenting a style of wrestling that is truly contemporary, and still making it digestible for people who are closer in mentality to casual fans than workrate-mad diehards (such as myself, despite being involved with the business for a long time, both as a fan and a contributor)? I just can't get into AEW, or some of the recent years of NXT, because there are so many rushed-through moves, nonexistent selling, disregard for believability and little room for matches to breathe. This is the only reason that is making me stick with WWE, despite their abysmal booking and creative. I personally don't believe that simply workrate-based wrestling can draw the masses, yet should we begin to accept that this is gonna be the new norm of trendsetting in the business? Also, can you recommend any alternative promotions (besides NWA) that dwell closer to the classic way of storytelling in-ring wise, than what we see from the so-called new-wave?

I have always said the best show is the mix of both.  Give the fans like you good stories and character building.  Give the work rate fans the matches they want.  You won’t leave if they give you the former and they won’t leave if they give you the latter.  Over the last month or so, I think AEW has done a pretty good job at doing just that.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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