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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-30 10:00:00

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Why is Malakai Black still selling his Kayfabe eye injury (from the WWE) on AEW?  You think he would want to start off in AEW with a clean slate, instead he is still wearing a contact and has black around the eye he injured in the WWE.

It’s just part of his look.  I think it’s cool.

I think it’s time to get the AEW tag team title off the Young Bucks.  They should have dropped them to Jurassic Express.  The Bucks seem less like an elite team who are head and shoulders above the rest of the AEW tag team division by virtue of their skill, and more like they’re champs due to their position in the company.  Your thoughts?

I agree that they should have dropped them to Jurassic Express.  Now that they are taking on The Lucha Brothers?  Probably not.  My take on the Bucks is this.  When they wrestle like what they really are, smaller guys who should be using quickness and speed to win matches, they can be really good.  When they act like the second coming of the Road Warriors and do unrealistic stuff?  They aren’t for me.  But as I say all of the time, they don’t have to be for me.  If Tony Khan and the AEW fans like them, that’s all that matters.

Prior to CM Punk’s AEW debut, someone asked the question of whether there was a chance Punk would walk out to any song other than ‘Cult of Personality’.  Tony Khan now has a track record of paying for the rights to use certain entrance songs.  With Bryan Danielson’s presumed debut upcoming, should he walk out to any song other than ‘Final Countdown’?

I sure hope so.  Khan is a fan first so I could definitely see him going that route.

Why is WWE bringing back this authority gimmick?  To me (and maybe I'm the minority) but it makes the both shows look weak.  For instance, last night on Smackdown, Sonia didn't know Naomi was coming to Smackdown.  Are you kidding me?  You're an authority figure (supposedly) and didn't know someone was moved over to you show?

All I can say is it’s bad WWE booking, which there is a lot of in that company.

AEW did the CM Punk return perfectly especially with him setting up a match with Darby Allen.  With the debut of Bryan Danielson being pushed up to all out, who do you think he challenges?  I'm guessing Kenny, but, I am probably way off.

They brought in Punk and he didn’t go after Kenny and I would bet that they would do the same with Bryan.  I think he has to come in as a face so I would love to see him work with MJF.

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