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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-27 10:00:00

You say the Adam Cole thing with Johnny Gargano was pre-taped but how do you know for SURE?

There are these things called Sources.  You cultivate them as a writer and reporter.  In this case, I used them.  

If Cole leaves WWE, how soon can he go somewhere else?

I would think as soon as he wants to.  

CM Punk had BW written on his sneakers?  Bray Wyatt?

Barry Windham?  Obviously, it's a tease for Wyatt to see if fans are watching.  It could be a clue or it could be a red herring, but if fans bite and are talking, like you are, it's the right move.


Don't you think AEW getting Paul Heyman on board would be the greatest step forward in good booking?

One, he signed to WWE.  Two, I don't forsee Tony Khan letting anyone else book his company in the near future.  It's what Khan wanted and it's what he's going to do.  Heyman being there (or anywhere) would be great, but Heyman booking instead of Khan?  I don't imagine that happens.

I'll admit I don't follow AEW as closely as some other, so I'm not fully in the loop here, but what's going on with the Max Castor situation?

Caster did a rap during an entrance on AEW Dark which had a lot of really tasteless jokes.  When Tony Khan (who hadn't seen it) saw the response to it, he had it removed and Caster has been off TV since.  Khan also took over personally looking over the final edits of AEW Dark and Dark - Elevation coming out of it so he can personally quality control the YouTube shows.  Some have thought Caster is gone from the company, but I don't believe that is correct.

Why would AEW put Brock Anderson in a main event so soon?

I think it was to showcase him as a potential player but more importantly, that match and slot was about Malakai Black as a follow-up to Black taking out Cody Rhodes.  After he takes out a big name, you aren't just going to have him working opening matches, right?

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