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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-24 10:00:00

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I haven’t watched WWE for a few years and only follow highlights here and there.  I have never watched AEW and didn’t even know where to find it on TV.  However, I watched clips of CM Punk’s return and the full 50 minute AEW scrum with Punk and Tony Kahn.  After that I looked up where to watch AEW and will probably start to watch it.  Why doesn’t Vince understand that there’s something missing from WWE that AEW is providing?

My honest opinion is that it’s because it was something he never liked or appreciated in the first place. He always spoke derogatorily of “wrasslin”.  He didn’t want any part of it.  So, it doesn’t shock me that he doesn’t like it now when he never liked it to begin with.

It's amazing how adept WWE is at making an amazing moment and immediately ruining it. I obviously don't know why Sasha Banks wasn't at Summerslam, so I get needing a replacement for Bianca's challenger. Bianca needed a huge win on this stage. And instead, out comes Becky Lynch, which was really awesome, until she squashes Bianca for the belt?! If they were going to give Becky a big moment, why not have her involved in the Raw Women's title match instead? That would have made a hell of a lot more sense, and Bianca wouldn't have been made out to be a total chump. This completely tainted whatever excitement I had for Becky's return. Was this just a lazy attempt of WWE trying to out-CM Punk AEW, at the expense of a talent who needed a win more than Becky ever did? Or does nothing make sense anymore?

It was a horrible segment.  One, Becky left the Raw brand and its Title.  Two, she surprised Bianca, who took the match anyway.  Three, Becky heeled her, and she’s a babyface (or at least was last time we saw her).  Four, Bianca comes out looking so bad.  It was a truly horrible piece of business.  I wish there was a way Vince McMahon could be removed from Creative because he has totally lost whatever touch he still had left.

Is it me, or did WWE's all-too-chipper promo video for Crown Jewel seem like it was making the assumption that we all forgot what a horrible idea the Saudi shows are on paper and in execution? I certainly didn't forget what a lousy situation the Saudi deal was, pandemic break or not.

I am pretty sure I heard them refer to Saudi Arabia as a happy place.  I guess they are happy when they get millions of dollars but I am like you, I remember what the country has done, and still does.  They have every right to run shows there and we have every right to think it makes WWE dirty to do so.

Do you think it’s sadly ironic that the biggest title rematch in the WWE is WALTER/Dragunov for the NXT UK title?  Belair vs Banks II is reasonably close second.

No, I think it’s ridiculous how poorly Vince runs creative.  It’s all on him and he has made his shows dull.  He has made newer talents largely not matter.  In my opinion, he is making money now based off of goodwill, reputation and deals signed based off of both of those things.  It doesn’t mean WWE is going under or anything close.  But it does mean it will be interesting to see what happens with their business moving forward.

WALTER vs. Dragunov, wow!  That was awesome.  Thank you so much for getting me interested in NXT UK.  Everyone that loves wrestling should be watching it.

You’re welcome.  NXT UK is a great product.  I hope Vince McMahon forgets he owns it.  The bar was super high for that match and they cleared it easily.  They have had the match of the year both in 2020 and 2021 in my opinion.

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