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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-23 10:00:00

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I saw what you wrote about CM Punk's return and I agree, it was perfect.  Why is it that AEW can do something like that and WWE can't?

Well, it's not that WWE can't, it's that Vince McMahon won't. He won't let talents go out there and speak from the heart.  Instead, they get over-scripted lines that don't feel real.  Remember the rain delay at WrestleMania?  The talents went unscripted and the promos were far better than almost anything WWE Creative creates.  Credit to Tony Khan for letting Punk go out there and speak from the heart.  They created an "I will always remember" moment, something WWE has not been doing much lately.

What are the chances of A.J. Lee showing up now with CM Punk in AEW as his valet and or wrestling again? It would be a huge get for the women's division.

She is a free agent so she could appear with her husband at some point.  I don't see her returning to a full time wrestling career but never say never.

Does AEW signing CM Punk finally make them competition in Vince McMahon's eyes?

Unless he is beyond arrogant, I think they already were, despite what he said to the contrary.  I don't think Punk alone makes them competition, I think that they already were.  They did over 15,000 fans in Chicago and will do more than that in NYC next month.  They have been doing in the million viewer range for Dynamite and I expect they will do a really big number this week.  Plus, they are owned by a billionaire.  If Vince doesn't see them as competition he doesn't know what competition is, and when that happens it often bites the person in the ass.

Whose call was it for Triple H to skip the Takeover conference call with reporters?

Good question and I haven’t been told yet.  He has always loved doing the calls, but with recent changes in the company, and NXT, I could see it being either the company putting an end to it or Paul Levesque not wanting to deal with valid questions from reporters about the state of the brand that he doesn’t want to or can’t answer.

Do you think it’s sadly ironic that the biggest title rematch in the WWE is WALTER/Dragunov for the NXT UK title?  Belair vs Banks II is reasonably close second.

Actually, I think it's sad.  WWE is treating this weekend like its WrestleMania this year and they have done a really bad job of creating a buzz.  That falls on Creative.  They dropped the ball.

You can send us questions for the Q and A at

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