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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-22 10:00:00

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Why do you think that AEW has appealed to the hardcore fans more than NXT has?  They both signed hardcore fan favorites and put on great matches. What is the difference between them?

I think the big difference is the Vince McMahon connection.  A lot of hardcore fans don't like what he has done to the business.  A lot of hardcore fans don't like what he has done to the people that they invested in when the talents were in NXT and then used poorly when they got to the main roster.  AEW, on the other hand, is fresh and doesn't have the track record of disappointing the fans that Vince has.

Why wasn't there coverage of Triple H's NXT Takeover conference call on the site this week?

There wasn't any coverage because for the first time in forever, Paul Levesque didn't do a call.  As I type this on Friday, there has been no announcement of a post show call with reporters either.  Whether this was HHH's decision or someone else in the company, I can't say.  It could be part of the changes to NXT we have been hearing about, or it could be that he didn't want to answer questions about the reported changes coming to NXT or some of the recent talent decisions that have been made.

So, after a month of Labors of Jericho buildup, he loses to MJF in the end? No comeuppance? What was the point? Where can they possibly go from here?

I was fine with it.  Jericho went through hell while MJF had the month off so the story is he was fresh.  At the end of the day, MJF is half Jericho's age and the future.  The right guy went over to me and they can revisit this down the line if they want to.

What is the thing you are looking forward to the most SummerSlam Weekend?

Ilja Dragunov vs. WALTER for the NXT UK Title and nothing else is even close.

During this week's Kross/Joe segment on NXT, fans were chanting "where is Scarlett?"  If the fans were to start overwhelmingly chanting that, or "we want Scarlett" during Kross' matches on RAW each week, so much so that the chants became impossible to ignore and completely overshadowed anything going on in the match, do you think that would be what it takes for Vince to clue in that Scarlett should be, and should have been from the beginning, accompanying Kross on RAW?

As Mike Johnson mentioned on the site last week, she isn't cleared right now so at least there is a reason that we haven't seen her.

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