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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-17 10:00:00

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Let’s say Vader was protected and pushed in WWE all the way through 1998 and ended up feuding with Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Your thoughts on that possible program?

I think it would have been a lot of fun, like pretty much all of the programs both men had.

How bad do you see it getting before all of WWE intervenes with Vince and tells him that the problem is HIM???

Never?  Seriously, I don’t see anyone in the company doing that to the guy with all the power.  Maybe the TV Networks could do it, but not the employees.

Going by the great pops Malakai Black is getting in AEW, would you book him as a heel or face going forward?  I think he’s a perfect fit for a grey area character.

Honestly?  I would listen to the fans and let him decide.  I would play him now as a down the middle character and see what they choose.  I would do the same with Britt Baker.  AEW has been doing a lot of things really well lately.  I think the booking of Britt could be one of them if they just let her be a bad ass and have the fans appreciate it.

I saw Ric Flair accompany Andrade down to the ring at Triplemania this past Saturday evening. Can you explain to me his departure from WWE? Did he want Tv time, did he want to wrestle, did he want to manage? I can't believe the story I read that he texted Vince complaining about Charlotte's booking - she's only been presented as the most dominant female wrestler ever, at least since the Fabulous Moolah. Would he really want to put her career in jeopardy like that (even though nothing seems unforgivable with someone the stature of crazy Uncle Ric Flair)?  If Ric Flair wanted TV time or was sick of sitting at home, I'm sure Vince could have had him manage one of the NXT call-ups he detests so much to get him over.  Its all very peculiar even though the name Ric Flair is certainly iconic beyond both WWE and pro wrestling.

He wanted more than what they wanted to give him.  There are rumors that he even wants a last match, if not more.  That wouldn’t happen in WWE.  I don’t blame WWE for wanting no part of him getting in the ring or taking bumps at his age and after all of the health issues he has had.  Plus, he loves the spotlight and there wasn’t goin to be a lot of that for him in WWE.

Any chance Daniel Bryan and CM Punk could still end up back with WWE, Or has AEW definitely signed both those Guys already? I'd be surprised if They don't end up in AEW given the reports, And unless Covid prevents large Crowds again, I see No reason why a debut wouldn't happen. If Covid does prevent large Crowds, and especially none at all, Then Punk/Bryan's AEW Debut will likely be delayed.

Only those two know for sure.  I would hope that AEW has signed Punk by now given the build for him appearing this week, and I expect that they have.  As for Bryan?  I honestly can’t say.  I could make the case for him to go there and also the case to stay affiliated with WWE.  So it all comes down to what he wants at this point in his life.  I fully expect Punk in AEW though.

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