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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-16 10:00:00

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Am I the only one who finds it strange that when Sasha was attacking Bianca, along with her two cronies…no one came out to help her? Is it just me, or does that seem odd? Or just another example of WWE’s drinking problem?

I get on WWE for a lot of things but I won't for that.  Bianca is a lone wolf character, plus she's the champ, so I can see why they didn't book anyone to come to her aid.

First Cena gets a shot by writing his signature over Finn Balor’s (even tho Balor’s name is on the contract), and now Corbin steals Big E’s MITB case? How much lower and dumber do you think WWE will fall?

Now this one, oh yeah, it's horrible storytelling and booking.  Both things should not be allowed to happen but WWE moves forward as if they are OK.  Terrible booking on their part.  Plus in Cena's case, he looks like a tool.  He stole Balor's shot.  A real babyface would have grabbed the contract and giving it to Balor to sign.  But John Jack just stole it for himself.

From an older viewer: could all the recent changes/layoffs at WWE indicate that Vince's "master plan" is about viewing Tony Kahn as the second coming of Ted Turner? Another rich guy/newbie who doesn't know the business? So as opposed to the times of Ted, WWE can just flood AEW with available talent and drive them to bankruptcy when Tony keeps losing money hand over fist?

If Vince sees that he is seeing an illusion.  Tony Khan won't sign every talent Vince lets go.  Look at Braun Strowman, he didn't sign him and that was a guy that WCW would have signed in a  second back in the day.

The Chelsea Green situation got me wondering, how could WWE legally attempt to prohibit a released talent from performing for another company using their actual birth name?

My guess, and it’s only that, is that maybe they thought it wasn’t her real name.  Otherwise, I have nothing!

Now that Jimmy Uso has won the tag title, it doesn't appear that he will face any repercussions, in the near future at least, for his DUI arrest.  I get that he is Roman's cousin and that comes with a certain amount of stroke, but after his 2nd or 3rd DUI arrest in the past several years, of which he is VERY lucky that any of them didn't turn out worse, what kind of message does it send if he is not punished in some manner by WWE?

It sends a really bad message in my opinion.  Maybe Uso is getting help on the down low but after multiple incidents, I think the company has an obligation to address the situation. Sadly, they don’t agree.

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