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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-15 10:00:00

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Vince McMahon prides himself and WWE on "making movies."  Karrion Kross' NXT entrance with Scarlett is as cinematic as you can get.  So how could a "movie producer" such as Vince look at Karrion's NXT presentation and decide to take away all the special, cinematic elements that one would think Vince wants in a performer on his main roster?

I have zero idea.  I was wondering the other day if he thought Scarlett was too similar to Alexa perhaps.  But honestly, I have no idea.  Scarlett has star written all over her.

Do you think that CM Punk would have even considered an offer to go back to WWE to wrestle or was it like AEW or nothing as far as he was concerned?  And if you were Vince/WWE, if you were ever going to attempt to make an offer would you start out with the biggest apology ever given be it right wrong or indifferent?

Punk is a super smart man.  I don't see any way he didn't gauge interest from WWE, and hell, may still be doing it.  I don't know the dynamic between them but if I were Punk, any apology would set off my BS meter.  I wouldn't want to hear it.  I would want to know what they were willing to pay me, and I would make sure it was the iron clad deal that top talents get, no 90 day clause garbage.

I got a quick question for you. With CM Punk all but confirmed, with AEW loving six man tags and with the debut of Heels on Starz coming out this week, would it make sense to bring in Luke and PJ Hawx? It would be great crossover for the two shows and it seems Punk is very fond of them, judging by the video embedded on your site.

I love the idea of bringing in a Heels crossover if I am AEW.  But if it's me, I am treating Punk like a megastar and not mixing him in with a promotional spot like that.

With the rumors of CM Punk heading to AEW, has there been any talk of a potential conflict between him and Colt Cabana based on their legal issues?

All I can say is that I have heard from a lot of people in the company that are pretty sure Cabana isn't happy about Punk coming in.  I don't blame him because let's be real, Punk will matter a lot to the company.  Hopefully it won't be a bad situation and they will just stay away from each other but it's hard to say what will happen when there is so much bitterness between them.

So I have been listening to all your podcasts and reading questions from other visitors to the site and a lot of it seems to be about AEW and WWE in regard to the people being let go and I had a different angle.  If one of us were working at lets say an office position, and we were fairly high up in that position and then got fired, then the next job(s) you apply for are taken that departure into consideration upon hiring.  Additionally, WWE is the sports entertainment equivalent to google in the internet world - The biggest there is.  If I am the recruiter for Microsoft and the guy who just got fired from Google comes in, I am not saying I wouldn't hire, but it would have to be part of the consideration. i.e. Why did WWE let them go? So in this scenario Microsoft is ROH, TNA and AEW etc.  I know the people let go are phenomenal talents, and I fully blame WWE for this, but do you think other companies looking at the now "free agents" have questions in their interview process?

The wrestling business is different due to the fact that most talents that WWE releases have never been given the chance to show what they can do in the job.  Instead, they have to play a role the way WWE writes it for them.  With tech companies, the job is what it is.  In wrestling, the job is fluid and an art form that doesn’t have strict parameters.  That doesn’t mean another company shouldn’t do their due diligence to see what kind of person they may be hiring but they also know that in the cases of upper tier talent the odds are extremely good that the people were let go due to bad WWE creative.

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