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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-14 10:00:00

How would you book the ending of Roman vs. Cena at Summerslam?

If John is up for a long match, I'd have them go a good 20-25 minutes and have Roman slip out of the AA, then rock Cena with a Superman Punch and pin him clean.  I'd have Roman cut a promo that this proves once and for all who the Head of the Table is and you hear New Day's theme hit.  They come out and Big E cashes in right then and there and says Roman can prove himself "once and for all" right now.  The Usos hit the ring but Kofi and Xavier battle them to the back.  Cena stays at ringside. 

The ref gets bumped after 5-10 minutes but Big E hits the Big Ending on Roman and Cena slips into the ring and counts the pinfall.  We go off the air just like that with everyone wondering whether Big E really "won" the title or not and now there's a cliffhanget leading into Smackdown.    This allows you to use Cena to give Big E the rub, leave Cena vs. Roman rematches and Roman vs. Big E as future bouts while pushing someone who has more than deserved being moved to the top echelon of the company - and leave the biggest show of the year with an ending that leaves people talking.

Has there been any talk of how WWE is handling the COVID-19 Delta Variants?  Do you think they will add the clear plastic to live events.

Yes, we can confirm WWE has returned to masks being mandatory backstage for all talents and staff, regardless of their vaccination status and they are testing before every event.  We are also told masks are again mandatory inside WWE HQ as well.  All of the meet and greets, etc. will be socially distant.    I haven't heard about adding the plexiglass but if i was WWE, I'd err on the side of caution and do just that, at least short term.

Why did FOX move these Smackdown episodes without updating their local guides to tell the fans?  Why wouldn't WWE run a list of the preemptions on their website?

Those are all great questions.  You'd almost think FOX wanted fans to not watch WWE or something.  I guess they felt the NFL pre-season games were a LOT more important, because honestly, they are to the casual viewer.  As to why WWE didn't run a list of the changes, my guess is they weren't properly communicated to WWE by FOX.   Again, why that is, I have no idea.

In today's (8/12) Q&A, Mike said Page was going to be taking time off for the birth of his first kid. But isn't it actually his 2nd?  I thought at the start of the pandemic last year he took time off because his wife just had their first kid and he wanted to play it safe since at that point no one really knew much?

You may be mixing Page up with someone else.  He and his wife are indeed expecting their first child.  WWE's Roman Reigns took time off from WWE after the birth of his twin sons during the pandemic, so it may be you are thinking of Reigns.

If you are AEW, how do you keep from being overexposed with the second show?

Well, it's just one more hour on TV (if we ignore the YouTube series), so they can easily keep some talents sequestered from the show so they aren't on twice a week.  I think with all the talk of new main event talents coming in, if even one does pop up, that's enough juice to make that new show seem different and unique.

Was Fuego del Sol really not signed to AEW?

We are told he was not signed to a full-time deal by the company until last night.

With COVID raging so badly in Dallas, do you think MLW goes forward with their show next month?

I think it's up in the air, if I'm going to be honest.  MLW sources state a decision hasn't been made but they are monitoring the situation.  I suppose they could always try and shift the taping in Philly or even postpone if they wanted

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