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By Mike Johnson on 2021-08-13 10:00:00

You recently had an awesome interview with Jeff Jarrett and talked about the AWA Superclash he wrestled on a million years ago.  There were a number of different promotions working together on that show, which brings me to my question.  With AEW, New Japan, Impact, the NWA all working together, do you think we’d ever see such a show again?

I think it’s certainly within the realm of possibility with everyone all cross-promoting each other’s PPVs and events.   Remember that AEW filed a trademark on the title “Battle of the Belts” which certainly would work for such a concept.  I could see it happening in a year or so.  It's not the type of concept you want to rush into or it all falls apart, like it did for Verne Gagne.

What’s your prediction for CM Punk?

As I have said many times, if he’s not in the ring taking bumps by the end of 2021, I don’t see him ever returning.  It looks to me like we are on the precipice of that happening.

Do you think WWE has ever tried to get him back in the fold?

I haven’t heard of anything 100% but you have to think at some point, there was some sort of meeting or at least calls and texts exchanged.  If WWE didn’t try to get back the one last name they could have return that could both make some waves with the audience and still have good matches at the level of what fans expect of him, they’d have been pretty stupid.    I can’t imagine FOX didn’t bring him in only for WWE to ignore him.

With all the names rumored to come to AEW, how come Brock Lesnar’s name hasn’t come up?

There are always rumors but we tend to shy away from things we can't substantiate.  I think the only reason it hasn’t come up more is Brock locks his stuff down and doesn’t reveal anything.  Could he be talking to AEW?  The fact he’s not locked in with WWE for Summerslam (that we know of) is pretty interesting and telling to me.  I can’t say he’s talking with AEW but if anyone knows how to play all the players against each other to get the best deal, it’s Brock.   I haven’t heard anything but it’s always possible. 

Are you going to report on the return of XPW?

If something actually happens, yes.  All we’ve seen is a lot of noise about using the letters as part of an indy show in Upstate New York, which is pretty far from the XPW Los Angeles home and we’ve heard nothing about any of the original roster or players being involved beyond Rob Black.  It sounds very ECW on SyFy to me, but we’ll see what happens as it progresses.

Where is CZW?

Sitting on the couch next to DJ Hyde.

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