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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-11 10:00:00

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So I'll fully admit, I don't know what the full overall corporate structure is in WWE, but at some point, don't the stockholders have to start becoming concerned with the direction of everything presently? What I mean by that is, you have talent releases that are not just disappointing to fans, but damaging to the present product, and employee morale, and also potentially sets up competitors with some real opportunities to become real competitors for large piece of their audience and revenues. I understand that Vince and the family are the primary shareholders and have full sway over things, but at some point don't some of the other larger shareholders have to start asking questions about what they're doing here? And how much damage could a potential "loss of confidence" in the leadership of the company have to the stock price, if these moves wind up being (as most of us looking at the current product think will be the case) for the worse?

In a word, yes.  I would be very concerned if I owned the stock not only for the reasons you mentioned, but all the future TV deals.  Will NBCU and FOX be willing to pay more, or even the same, for fewer viewers in three years?  David Baldini and I talked about this a lot on the Elite site next week.  Where is the growth for WWE?  Right now, I don’t see much and the Street likes to see growth.

With Ric Flair departing WWE what does this mean for Charlotte? Both Andrade & Ric potentially being in AEW. How long until The Queen follows suit and joins them? No-one seems to be safe in WWE anymore and others simply want out.

It wouldn’t shock me one bit if she jumped to AEW when her deal is up.  Her fiancé is there, obviously.  If AEW keeps rising, at 35 years old she may decide she wants to make the jump and who could blame her when AEW feels hot and WWE feels stale.

Can you see Ric Flair (if he ends up in AEW) being paired with Andrade? He can be to Andrade what he was to Triple H in Evolution.

That would be interesting, for sure.  I could see it happening.

Since WWE became aware of Adam Cole's contract situation after Canyon Ceman was let go, is it safe to assume it was a little middle finger to WWE by not notifying anyone of the situation?

The prevailing belief is that Ceman was released because of how he handled Cole’s contract and not making it for 18 months.

Who's mainly to blame here?

Ceman since he handled the deal for WWE.

If you were Adam Cole would you tell WWE about your expiring contract?

If I wanted to negotiate a new deal with them?  Yes.  If I wanted to become a free agent?  No.  And honestly, there’s no world where I wouldn’t have wanted to become a free agent if I were him.

Do you see him staying in WWE or signing with AEW to be with his friends?

It’s not about friends.  He has plenty of them in WWE as well.  Now, his partner, Britt Baker, is in AEW so that is a consideration for sure.  If it’s me, and I am him, this is how I see it.  One, I let the contract put me in the position to choose for a reason.  I look at how badly WWE uses NXT call ups.  Strike 1.  I look at how Vince booked the NXT Champ Karrion Kross.  Strike 2.  I look at how Vince books smaller guys.  Strike 3.  I look at the “changes” coming to NXT.  Strike 4.  I look at how AEW is hot and WWE is not. Strike 5.  I look at how guys that Triple H loves have been used poorly.  Strike 6.  At this point, I can stop.  If I am Cole it’s a no brainer to me, I am going to AEW.

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