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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-10 10:00:00

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Is Daniel Bryan still on the WWE Roster?

They hope so but technically no.  Will he re-sign?  AEW will have something to say about that.  Frankly, I hope they do.  Bryan and CM Punk in AEW?  Yes please.

So Karrion Kross is this unstoppable, undefeated bad ass in NXT.  Now he has been pinned in 2 out of 3 of his televised Raw matches?!  What is the reason?

Vince McMahon does not know how to book his assets.  It's that simple.  In addition to making Kross look bad, he also made the NXT brand look bad, and they air on the same network as Raw.  It’s insanely insane.

Where do you see them going with this Baron Corbin storyline? They were teasing a possible babyface turn with Kevin Owens coming to his aid after Ziggler and Roode took his money. Then the next week, there's no Kevin Owens and Corbin is a straight up heel. And do we really need another Baron Corbin/Finn Balor match/possible feud? (Where Balor inevitably won't look half as bad ass as he did back in NXT.)

It seemed like they were starting a babyface turn, as you said.  Then, they do what you mentioned.  I am sure they think they are telling an interesting story though because they always do.

Would you do a major title change at a house show to bring people back and show anything can happen? I just got back from the Super Show in Detroit and even though the crowd was hot because they were back to their first show it wasn't electric. Would it make sense to film a couple of the title matches so it would appear that anything can happen and at one of the house shows make a title change.

Honestly?  That screams of hotshotting to me and I don’t think it would move the needle.  The only real way to get people back to house shows and make them interesting is to improve the booking.  When people are into the characters and the storylines, they get more into the shows (as AEW has shown us since they returned).

What the heck kind of lemonade are they drinking over there at Titan Towers? I can make no sense of what they are doing with Karrion Kross and Keith Lee! None of it makes any sense to me, even knowing how convoluted things can get in the WWE universe. When he was in NXT, I really enjoyed Keith Lee. But now, not so much. And it makes me a little sad (for him). Plus having both of them in bad situations really puts a damper on NXT. People that do not watch it will likely lose any interest if they think these guys are the best it has to offer. What are your thoughts?

My thoughts at the same as yours.  The booking on the main roster, outside of Roman Reigns (who has the ability to tweak his stuff) has been terrible.  If honestly believe that Vince McMahon wasn’t the head of Creative, and was someone not connected to the family, Nick Khan would have fired him by now.

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