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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-09 10:00:00

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I was so sad to hear about the passing of Bobby Eaton.  Can you share your thoughts on him?

I was so sad to hear about his passing as well.  The best way I can describe Bobby Eaton is that he represented every single thing that I love about the wrestling business.  He was an all time great in the ring.  He made you believe what you were watching.  He always gave you everything he had.  He was as amazing technician and had incredible hops.   Plus, he was universally loved.  He was everything good about the business and one of the reasons I become a fan.  Growing up in the Northeast, I was in WWF territory.  I was never a fan of the big, plodding types of wrestlers.  When Crockett Promotions started airing weekly on free TV, it was like Christmas for me (as we couldn’t get cable yet).  The Midnight Express were awesome.  I loved the heels when I was younger and that group was amazing.  Dennis Condrey and Jim Cornette were great as well, but Bobby Eaton?  To me he was always the soul of the act.  RIP Bobby, you were appreciated and you will be missed.

Of 2021’s WWE releases, which were the most and least surprising to you and why?

You know, I can't even say who the most surprising was.  You like at someone like Braun Strowman and ask why?  You see Alelister Black in the middle of an angle and ask why.  Bray Wyatt, etc.  I can't say who surprises me the most.  As for the other end, I don't really want to disrespect anyone so I will pass on that question.

What is the average pay for the NXT UK talent?

I would have to see all of their contracts and do the math to answer that and I don't have access to that information.

So the phrase “insulting our intelligence” has been thrown around in pro wrestling a lot over the years when the product is bad.  Especially when it comes to bad WWE.  What should we call it when WWE pulls the rug out from under us by releasing people in the middle or even beginning of storylines ala Aliestar Black (returning), Tyler Rust (Diamond Mine just getting started), etc?  Or guys getting released in the middle of a push like Bronson Reed?

I would call it bad planning.  WWE should have a list of people who are on the potential cut list and then make sure to not start programs with them.  When they cut people that are in programs, they come off as incompetent.

How upsetting and unnecessary is Vince's statement that if AEW want more talents maybe they can provide them? Is he so unaware of the fact that a rating war is not everything? That it's about jobs, the way people put food on the table and pay bills? Dismissal is not a subject for witty jokes, it's freaking people's livelihoods.

It doesn’t upset me but it was definitely unnecessary and the epitome of hubris on his part.  For him to not see another wrestling company, which is owned by someone richer than him and on a major upswing, as competition really makes him seem out of touch with reality.

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