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By Dave Scherer on 2021-08-02 10:00:00

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Interested to read your thoughts on Mickie James' comment on the Bray Wyatt release. To me, her continued comments on the WWE and her release come off as bitter and petty. This recent comment also comes off as selfish and dangerous, as I believe she put Alexa Bliss at risk. I suppose that in today's world of "fallout be damned, the world wants to see my comments on Twitter" doesn't help.

This is one of those situations where I can see your point, but I also see hers.  Bray was a big part of the creation of his gimmick and they did largely give it to Alexa Bliss and let him go.  With that said, I don't think Alexa has anything to worry about.  Management doesn't care what the Twitterverse says and Alexa is universally liked.

With the possibility of another covid lockdown, what type of backup plans do you think WWE has for Summer slam and AEW for their All out PPV and their big Rampage event in Chicago? Because if there is another covid lockdown and I believe it will happen, both cities will be two of the many to be put on lockdown. Hopefully that won't happen but I doubt that very much.

I don't know of any plans because the general feeling in society is that we won't lock down again.  We did so the first time because we didn't have anything to combat it.  Now, we have the vaccine so I could see more masking put in place, and maybe events will go vaccine only down the road, but for right now I see the people in charge allowing the people who refuse to get vaccinated gain natural immunity through exposure to the virus.

Whenever Bruce Pritchard says "someone didn't need the title" to be the man, I cringe. The world championship and battles fought over it, are the focal points of every promotion. Typically, casual fans view the world champion as the "best guy" in the territory...and rightfully so. Would Hulk Hogan gotten over as much in the '80's if he wasn't booked to be an unbeatable world champion? If Ric Flair wasn't consistently in the WCW/NWA world title scene for years, would his legacy be perceived the same way? Outside of a special gimmick act or attraction like Undertaker, Bray Wyatt, or Andre The Giant, don't you think the top guy in the territory should have the top title or be competing for it?

I was around back then, Andre didn't need the Title, trust me.  You know who else didn't?  Roddy Piper.  I get what you are saying but the flip side is that there are plenty of talents who are viewed as "top tier" who aren't the champ.  Right now on Raw, you have Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton (wherever he is).  They are top guys but not champs.  On Smackdown, you have Edge and Rollins.  That is what Bruce means I am guessing.

If Meltzer is correct and page vs Omega is not happening then what was the point of the whole build up? Unless the plan is Omega vs. Punk or Omega vs. Daniel Bryan, then I can understand it a little but if he wrestles against anyone else I feel this was a really stupid build that made page look like a moron.

I can’t add much because if Page doesn’t get the shot, this is the second time that AEW got him primed to take on the champ, and maybe win, only to pull the rug out from under him.  Maybe their idea is that the longer they make the fans wait, they more they will like it when Page gets his shot at Kenny.  I don’t know, I think there come a point of diminishing returns when you get a talent close, then pull it away.

I know you hate death matches. How is it different than The Walking Dead and the gore they do?

Easy, TWD doesn’t use real blood.  They do stunts, they don’t have their actors take real, legitimate abuse (like chair shots to the head).  It’s apples and pomegranates to compare them.  One does all it can to make the scene safe, the other does the opposite.

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