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By Mike Johnson on 2021-07-30 10:00:00

Vince McMahon, in whatever rambling way he was trying to say, claimed AEW isn't competition.  Does WWE really feel that way?

Of course they don't.  No matter what Vince McMahon said, I can tell you that WWE pays extremely close attention to what AEW does weekly.  There are some within the executive walls of WWE who reach out regularly to those in the business to ask about things AEW does.  To dismiss AEW publicly is just trying to downplay them when the reality is that when AEW launched, WWE was running around signing all their talents to new, longer form deals for a lot of money.  They know that AEW has the biggest chance to carve out of a piece of the pie WWE has controlled for decades and take a piece for themselves.  There's a reason Nick Khan dove on top of Vince McMahon's comments yesterday - there's no way they weren't true.

I am really tired of the site's persistence in covering movies with people like The Rock and Batista that have zero to do with wrestling.  You should be better than that.  Can you stop?

Yes, you are 100% right.  We should be better than to cover movies starring important professional wrestling personalities.  I will take immediate note of this and no, I cannot stop.  I just can't.

What are the odds of TNT pulling AEW because of the Death Match stuff?

The odds of pulling AEW completely?  I'd say pretty close to zero.  I would think there is no way AEW is putting that content on their TV series unless it's been cleared by TNT's executives.  They would be an absolutely terrible TV partner if they did that without giving TNT a head's up and allowing them to veto whatever is on their Network.  

I see Samoa Joe is going to wrestle but wasn't he medically disqualified?

No.  He was dealing with post-concussive issues but he was never officially DQ'd from competing by WWE that I am aware.

I am looking to buy WWE tickets at MSG and flying in from Colorado for the show.  Can you tell me what sections are good?  I don't want fly all this way and sit on the floor 10,000 feet from the ring.  Is there anything wrestling related in the Garden to see?  The Hulk Hogan banner?

Sections 105, 106,107 are the beginning of the first level up, so you'd be in the closest elevated section and the entrances would be to your right with full view.  The Hogan banner is not there.  It was never meant to be there permanently.  There is a display for Wrestlemania with Roddy Piper's boots and Hulk Hogan's t-shirt in the venue.  If MSG is doing them, there is also a behind the scenes tour of the facility.

I saw in This Day in History, there was an ECW show in a tornado watch?  What was wrong with everyone involved?

Well, I was there.  It was Middletown, NY and there was a tornado watch.  The matches took place in the rain.  As far as what was wrong with everyone involved, I wish I knew.  I never felt any sense of doom being there, which looking back, was indeed pretty stupid!  My guess is ECW would have lost a ton of cash if they didn't go forward with the show and they needed to tape for TV, so they went forward and hoped for the best.


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